Miraculous Sign? (Part II)

The first date below is September (Sept) 24, 2024 (Date of the Great Chastisement)




















Alternative Date of Great “Minor” Chastisement of September 19, 2022




















The said photographs can only serve as independent determinants of the author’s choice of dates, since there are no other forms of comparison available at this time.  The choice of times are to be taken lightly.  For the range of dates are more important to determine days and/or months of HIGH ALERT.  Having said that, the author strongly suggests that, since according to the prophecy, there are four instruments of Heaven involved here:  the sun, a giant red bolide, a white bolide, and one giant bolide that was described as being  made of ice that became yellow/orange in color as it spinned at high speed, this nation and all countries in the Western Hemisphere must be in High RED Alert mode of readiness between the two dates given, 09/19/22 to 09/24/24.  Precautions must be taken to ensure the survival of the citizenry and the country.






Medjugorje and the Ten Secrets -

Staring in June 25 of 1981, in the small village of Medjugorje in what is now known as Croatia in the former Yugoslavia, six young children, named Vicka, Ivanka, Jakov and Marija, claimed to have seen apparitions of the Virgin Mary. The apparitions were seen by all of the children everyday for many years. The Virgin Mary declared to the children that once her daily apparitions cease, there will no longer be anymore marian apparitions on earth, for it would no longer be necessary. The Virgin further declared that Medjugorje would be the fulfillment of Fatima and that her heart would be victorious.

The apparitions at Medjugorje represent the last of the Marian communications before the second coming of Jesus Christ. The messages given by the apparitions involved ten secrets. Mirjana received all ten secrets first that was written on a parchment on Christimas day in 1982. Mirjana was apparently the only one who could read the secrets on this parchment. The other children received the secrets verbally during the apparition sightings. Five of the six children have received all ten of the secrets, while only one, known as Vicka, has not, for she continues to witness daily sightings of the Blessed Virgin to this day. Such marian sightings appear to be strongly tied to the Garabandal apparitions insofar as the warning of God and the miraculous sign are concerned. And according to one of the seers, Mirjana Soldo, the Virgin Mary told her “that Medjugorje would be the fulfillment of Fatima and that her heart would triumph.”

Ten days before the first secret is revealed, a Franciscan priest, Father Petar Ljubicic, chosen by one of the seers, will only be allowed to read the first secret. Three days before the event, he will be allowed to publicly announce it. Each of the remaining secrets will be successively seen and read by the said priest according to a time set by Heaven.

Once the first two secrets are revealed, then the miraculous sign will appear at the site of the marian apparitions in Medjugorje, serving as eternal proof of the apparitions, which in turn, will lead to the conversion of atheists. All the secrets pertain to end time events. What is known about the ten secrets are as follows:

First Secret: has something to do with Medjugorje and that will serve to shock and awaken the world to the existence of God.

Second Secret: is most likely the same as the secret at Garabandal in which the Illumination of the soul is witnessed by everyone on earth at the same time. (See: Message of June 4, 1995.) It did occur on May 6, 2019 as witnessed by the author of this work.

Third Secret: after the first two events of the secrets occur, a permanent visible sign from Heaven will manifest at Mount Podbrdo or Apparition Hill, the site of the apparitions. (NOTE: The heavenly sign at the apparition site will be similar to the sign prophesied to occur at the apparition site at Garabandal, Spain and at Bayside, New York (Directive to Veronica Lueken, May 30, 1973). But Seer Mirjana emphasized that conversion must be done now before the sign manifests itself, otherwise, it would be too late and one would be doomed.)

Fourth Secret: unknown due to insufficient information.

Fifth Secret: unknown due to insufficient information.

Sixth Secret: unknown due to insufficient information.

Seventh Secret: a chastisement that has been lessened by the grace of God through prayers and fasting. (NOTE: Half of the punishment of the seventh secret has been canceled which reflects the power of prayer. Indeed, as the Virgin Mary told Mirjana: “Prayer and fasting can stop wars and change the laws of nature.”).

Eighth Secret: a severe chastisement that has been softened by prayers, but not eliminated.

Ninth Secret: a severe chastisement that can be lessened by prayers and penance, but not eliminated.

Tenth Secret: the most severe chastisement that can be mitigated, but not eliminated, due to the fact that the entire world will not be able to convert.




Soldo, Mirjana. My Heart Will Triumph. CatholicShop Publishing, Florida, United States, 2016, pp. 120-121, 136-141, 148, & 191-192.

Virgin Mary’s Bayside Prophecies, vol. I, 1970-1973, These Last Days Ministeries, Inc. Lowell, Michigan, 2002.

Weible, Wayne. Medjugorje, The Last Apparition. New Hope Press, Hiawassee, Georgia, 2013, pp. 6-8, 203-216.






According to Marian seer, Conchita Gonzalez, during an interview on September 14, 1965,

The warning will be like a revelation of our sins …and it will be seen and experienced equally by believers and non-believers and people of any religion whatsoever.”


During another interview on February 1977, Conchita Gonzalez stated that

This phenomenon will not cause physical damage, but it will horrify us because at that very moment we will see our souls and the harm we have done.”


In October of 1968, Conchita further stated that the “warning will be the correction of the conscience of the world.”


Let the readers focus on the quote: “conscience of the world.” Why? Because several Christian saints in the past have also stated the same thing.

Indeed, Saint Edmund Campion of Oxford who was executed in 1581 for defending his Catholic beliefs against Anglicanism, prophesied about the warning in this way:

Whereupon, as in every pulpit every protestant doth, I pronounced a great day, but wherein the terrible judge should reveal all men’s consciences, and try every man of each kind of religion. This is the day of change, this is the Great Day which I threatened, comfortable to the well-being, and terrible to all heretics. Any other day than this, God he knows, I meant not.”

Thomas Bayly Howell, A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings For High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors; From the Earliest Period to the Year 1783. Volume I, London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown; J.M. Richardson, Black, Parbury, and Allen; Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy; E. Jeffrey; J. Hathard; R.H. Evans; J. Booker; E. Lloyd; J. Booth; Rudd and Calkin; and T.C. Hansard, 1816, p. 1063.


The nature of the warning was also disclosed in the 20th century by Saint Maria Faustina of Poland, who in her diary, stated the following;

Suddenly I saw the complete rendition of my soul as God sees it. I could clearly see all that is displeasing to God. I did not know that even the smallest transgressions will have to be accounted for. What a moment!” (Entry 36 of the Diary).

Maria Faustina Kowalska, Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul, Marian Press, Stockbridge, MA, 2019, p. 19.


Similarly, the venerable Anna Maria Taigi, of Siena, Italy, prophesied the following:

A great purification will come upon the world preceded by an “illumination of conscience” in which everyone will see themselves as God sees them.”

Thomas W. Petrisko, The Miracle of the Illumination of All Consciences. St. Andrew’s Productions PA, 2002, p. 27.


And the venerable Saint Anna Maria Taigi, the most unique saint in all of Christian history, who fasted every Saturday in honor of Saint Mary, had the aid of a most unusual heavenly gift, that she referred to as the sun, a floating luminous disc, which provided her not only with visions, but also revealed to her the condition of any person’s soul in an instant. Indeed, during Saint Anna Maria Taigi’s death inquest, her confessor and confidant, D. Raffaele Natali, noted the following Godly gift that she possessed by stating in his deposition the following:

Meeting anyone in the street she discovered in an instant the interior of his conscience and the divine decrees concerning him in regard both to death and eternity. If she met a corpse being carried to the grave, she had at once before her, the whole life of the deceased, his punishment or his reward, and the grounds of the sentence.”

Anna Maria Taigi, The Life of the Venerable Anna Maria Taigi, originally published by Burns and Oates, London, and re-published by Andesite Press, 2017, pp. 185, 229-233, 238-249, 251, 260.


Saint Anna Maria Taigi was so deep in her instant analysis of a person’s soul that she could even seek out their motives in any scheme they were undertaking. Indeed, she was able to see that the secret societies such as the Carbonari and the Masons, exhibited dark veils over their souls and were of Satan who sought to bring down the Catholic church.

Taigi, Ibidem, pp. 211, 302, 305.


The late Veronica Lueken of Bayside, New York, relating what the Virgin Mary had told her, also revealed that members of the Secret Societies are Luciferians (Directive 11/25/78) that exhibited “dead bodies and dead souls!” (Directive 12/07/77; also see: Directive 12/31/77).

The duration of the said warning was described by the Marian seer, the late Mari Loli, in which during an interview on July 27, 1975, she stated that when the warning occurs it will appear that everything stands still “but just for a few moments.”

And in regards to the warning in relation to the miracle, Mari Loli stated that once the warning occurs, the said miracle will occur “WITHIN A 12 MONTH PERIOD,” but clarified that it will not necessarily be within the same year.


The Warning and the Miracle: A comprehensive look at the two great prophesied events of Garabandal based on interviews with the seers. Published by The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Lindenhurst, NY.




It is noteworthy to remember here that according to Conchita Gonzalez in an interview held in February of 1977, the Virgin Mary told her and the other children, Jacinta Gonzalez, the late Mari Loli, and Mari Cruz, that the

Warning and Miracle will be the last warnings or public manifestations that God will give us.”

And according to the late Marian seer, Veronica Lueken, of Bayside, New York, if the warning is not heeded, then the Great Chastisement will be unleashed. Indeed, the Virgin Mary related the following message to Veronica Lueken,

The Father chooses to send upon you first a great manifestation, a Warning. And should you not listen to the voice within you, He will have no recourse but to go forth with the plan for full cleansing. My Son has given you His word; you have received one of the final warnings given to you.” (Directive of May 10, 1973).


The Virgin Mary further relates to Veronica Lueken the following message:

With the coming of the Warning to mankind, pray and pray much, for it is the beginning of the terrible sorrows.” (Directive of July 15, 1973).


If the said Warning of MAY 6, 2019 and the predicted Miracle date of April 9, 2020 are indeed the last public manifestations of God before the aforementioned chastisement, then the author, Tong Park’s original theory that the chastisements are around 2022 to 2024 must be correct, for both dates are after 2019 and 2020. But because the warning was sooner than the author had originally thought, the original predicted dates for the asteroid, meteorite and comet SHOULD BE MOVED UP ONE YEAR EARLIER JUST AS A PRECAUTION, or in other words, the alert should be between 2021 and 2024.

And although the Warning of Garabandal did not occur during a communist invasion, it did occur during the Syrian War, involving forces from Iran, Russia and the United States, which according to the 58th Heavenly Directive of the Bayside Prophecies, as previously mentioned, is the Key to World War III. Perhaps the Syrian War is only the first part of World War III and most people do not yet realize it! Moreover, the economic trade war between the United States and China and between Japan and South Korea and between the United Kingdom and the European Union has escalated to dangerous levels.

As was previously discussed above, the author, Tong Park, of this work had personally seen and experienced the said warning after 3:00 pm PST, on May 6, 2019, while watching television at home. The experience of the Warning is described in the following manner: suddenly, the scenery of the living room and television disappeared, accompanied by the momentary sound of the wind blowing over the moors, and with the author seeing himself, on a yellow chair, but in a horrible state! The only way the author can describe himself is in the following manner: a human sized shapeless blob filled with dirty liquid having the color of coffee with cream mixed with it. There were large flakes slightly moving at the bottom of author’s said spirit. Then the image of the author’s spirit faded away, and the scenery and sound of the television set in the living room returned. The whole experience lasted momentarily, in other words, no more than 15 seconds at the most. Judging from the pathetic appearance of my spirit, I got spiritual work to do! See: Figure A1 below and the Appendix.




Figure A1. Representation of Tong Park’s Spirit as God Sees Him.





Those familiar with the New Testament know that a righteous spirit is pure white and unblemished. We can deduce this from the transfiguration of Elijah and Moses in front of Jesus and his apostles. Refer to Chapter 9, vv. 2-4, in the Book of Mark, which reveals the following:

And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. And he was transfigured before them, and his clothes became radiant, intensely white, as no one on earth could bleach them. And there appeared to them Elijah and Moses, and they were talking with Jesus.” (ESV)

Unlike the said spirits from Heaven, the author’s said spirit was in horrible condition and appeared polluted. Flakes at the bottom of the author’s spirit represented the author’s deplorable sinful mistakes in life. Such markers of sin in the author’s spirit can be likened to the “specks” and cloudy “shade” that appeared in Saint Anna Maria Taigi’s luminous “sun” disc that was given by Heaven to aid her in her mission to God. Indeed, according to those involved in the death Inquest of the said Saint, it was revealed that the God given gift that she referred to as the sun disc that followed her around appeared to be an extension of her soul. What the Inquest determined about Anna Maria was the following:

By the assistance of the angel she saw near things and distant things, present and future, as also the secret thoughts of others, with a certainty which made persons believe that she could read hearts. The sun afforded her the same kind of light to Anna Maria, and she exercised by its means a continual control over her dispositions and behavior; as she saw her involuntary defects, in this luminary in the form of shades, or specks, like flies; and when the servant of God humbled herself, imploring forgiveness, the sun immediately returned its cloudless luster.”

Anna Maria Taigi, ibidem, p. 229.


According to Entry 83 of Saint Faustina Kowalska’s Diary, Jesus Christ related to her that before the expected Day of Judgment of God’s wrath can occur, the Day of Divine Mercy must first precede it. For the Divine Mercy prepares the world for the Second Coming of Christ. (Entry 429). And as Jesus again stated to the saint: “He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice.” (Entry 1146).

Maria Faustina Kowalska, ibidem, p. 42; and Entry 1588, ibidem, p. 564.


The Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ, as revealed to Saint Faustina, would restore in full. (Entry 1448). Indeed, Jesus said to Saint Faustina the following:

Tell souls where they are to look for solace; that is, in the Tribunal of Mercy [the Sacrament of Reconciliation]. There the greatest miracles take place [and] are incessantly repeated. To avail oneself of this miracle, it is not necessary to go on a great pilgrimage or to carry out some external ceremony; it suffices to come with faith to the feet of My representative and to reveal to him one’s misery, and the miracle of Divine Mercy will be fully demonstrated. Were a soul like a decaying corpse so that from a human standpoint, there would be no [hope of] restoration and everything would already be lost, it is not so with God. The miracle of Divine Mercy restores the soul in full.”


In Entry 699 of Saint Faustina’s Diary, she describes how Jesus described to her that any individual who will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on the first Sunday after Easter, known as the Feast of Mercy, “shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.” Also see: Entry 1109. Prayer’s done that day is most powerful at around 3:00pm. (Diary Entry 1320).

Thus, it is imperative for all individuals to seek the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ in order to fully restore their souls and to avoid punishment during the chastisement.






According to Bayside Directive given to Veronica Lueken by Jesus Christ on 10/02/87, the future earthquake in San Francisco, California will mark “only the beginning” of the Great Tribulation.   Based upon all of the aforesaid, it can be ascertained that the tribulation started on September 24, 2017, and that the Great tribulation will start around March of 2021.  Thus, one can assume that the great earthquake of San Francisco known popularly as ‘the Big One’ will possibly occur between 2020 and March or April of 2021.  Since one is dealing with prophecy, relying on a range of dates would be wise here. 

The date of Thursday, April 18, 2016, marked the 113th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake that destroyed most of the city.  The great earthquake occurred at exactly 13 minutes after 5:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, no record of any marian seer or psychic visionary is known to have predicted the 'The Big One', except for an ordinary bellboy working at a San Francisco Hotel by the name of Gerald Perkins, who experienced a number of vivid precognitive visions of the earthquake one day before it happened.  Gerald Perkins gift of precognition was memorialized in the 1960's television show known as One Step Beyond, hosted by the late John Newland.

One Step Beyond - Earthquake Season 2, Episode 17



The Incredible Bayside Prophecies on the United States and Canada, These Last Days Ministeries, Lowell, Michigan, 1991.



So why is all of the aforesaid significant?  The Saint Louis Blues won the NHL Stanley Cup Championship against the Saint Botolf's Stone Bruins (aka Boston Bruins) on June 12, 2019.  It was the first time that two NHL teams named after Christian saints had battled each other for the coveted Stanley Cup Championship.  But what is more interesting here is that Saint Louis won during the 113th year anniversary of the 1906 great earthquake of San Francisco.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  But, as this publication suggests, there is no such thing as coincidence.  There appears to be a reason for everything.  (Note:  113 is not a multiple of 13, but 13 creeps into the numbers in some way, shape, manner or form).

Could the Saint Louis win be a clue that the San Francisco Earthquake will occur again.  Indeed, there has been seismological data gleaned from more than 1,000 earthquakes occurring in Southern California within the month of June 2019 alone.  Such a swarm of earthquakes preceded the Loma Prieta earthquake of October 17, 1989, which killed 63 people.  Interesting fact here is that this earthquake was televised live during the world series championship game between the Oakland As and the San Francisco (aka Saint Francis) Giants.  Nonetheless, the foreshocks placed further elastic stress on the San Andreas fault which will trigger the Big One in months!  Tall buildings, although on bedrock, are vulnerable to destruction for they will resonate out of phase due to prolonged shaking.  For this reason, the the skyscraper buildings in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are particularly vulnerable.  Because the said earthquake swarms were primarily centered in Southern California, expect Los Angeles to be hit first with a large earthquake, followed by San Francisco. 

A swarm of 1,000 earthquakes hit Southern California - how nervous could we be?




WHK Lee, P. Jenning, C. Kisslinger, H. Kanamori, International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering  Seismology, Part A.  Academic Press, London, U.K., 2002, pp. 613-616;


Seth Stein, An Introduction to Seismology, Earthquakes, and Earth Structures.  Blackwell Publishing, Malden, Mass., 2003, pp.  17-26.





And what does the 15 year winning streak of 13 American professional sports teams named after Christian saints and heavenly angels represent from a biblical perspective?  Perhaps these said 13 teams represent a warning of a coming punishment upon the world, most especially upon the United States.  As discussed previously, it can be ascertained that the number 13 is associated with both God and Jesus, but the number 13 has also been associated with both disasters and massive number of deaths as evidenced in the Holy Bible. 

The number 13 has been famously associated with disasters of biblical proportions, such as the fall of the walls of Jericho. Indeed, after Joshua and the Israelites marched around the city for seven days, the city was destroyed upon completion of the 13th march on day seven.  (See:  The Book of Joshua 6:1-27).

And according to the Book of Genesis 14:4, the number 13 represented a time of rebellion, as in the case of King Kedorlaomer, where his subjects worshipped him for twelve years, but started a rebellion against him during the 13th year.

Moreover, the number 13 has been associated with death.  According to the 17th verse of the 3rd chapter in the Book of Esther, it was on the 13th day of the twelfth month of adar (February/March under the Julian calendar), where Haman executed an edict allowing the Jews to kill 75,000 of their enemies in a region of what was then part of the Persian empire.  (See:  Esther 3:13-17).





Like the two sides of a coin, it appears that there is a dualistic quality of the number 13, whereby it represents God or Jesus on the one hand, but also represents the antichrist, death and disasters on the other hand.  For every good, there is bad.  Where there is positive, there is negative.  The light of day is followed by the darkness of night and so forth.  Breaking the encryption, this seemingly taoistic duality (i.e. Yin/Yang) of the number 13 should be taken as an indication that all of the world championships won by the aforesaid 13 American professional sports teams named after either heavenly angels or Christian saints represent some sort of biblical warning of a coming chastisement upon both the United States and the rest of the world, and that such punishment comes directly from God.  That such a sporting phenomenon of 15 years duration has only occurred in the United States and nowhere else, suggests that the country represents the epicenter of coming end time events that in turn can only affect the rest of the world, whether politically, economically and/or militarily. 






The number 13 may also provide a clue as to when this aforesaid athletic winning streak of American professional teams named after both heavenly angels and Christian saints will finally end.  Palm Sunday marking the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem less than 2000 years ago, fell on the 13th of April in 2014, just two days before the blood moon occurred on April 15, 2014, the Passover.  This blood moon forms part of a tetrad of blood moons that extends from 2014 to 2015 (April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015 & September 28, 2015).  The fact of the tetrad of blood moons is nothing new, for they have happened several times before in history.  What is different here is that such lunar events are occurring during the time period of this aforesaid sports phenomenon of 15 years duration, coupled with the fact that the first of the tetrad blood moons has already occurred on Passover in such close proximity to Palm Sunday on the 13thof April [note that 13 again].  What’s interesting here is that these so-called four blood moons occur on the feast of tabernacles and the Passover in two consecutive years.  This must be important.  From a biblical standpoint, blood moons tend to be seen as a harbinger of bad events to come.  See:  Joel 2:30-31; Matthew 24:29-31; Acts 2:17-21 & Revelation 6:12-14.  Also see:  The Talmud (Sukkah 29a)

Could the occurrence of such a tetrad of lunar events coinciding with important Christian holy days and the aforesaid sports phenomenon mark the end of the 15 year world championship winning streak and signify the beginning of terrible events to come?  Well, in fact, the aforesaid appears to be the case, for December 7, 2014 marked the date that the last team named after the heavenly angels, namely, the Los Angeles Galaxy, won a major league championship.  Since then, no American professional sports team, named after either the Christian saints or heavenly angels, has won a major league championship stretching from the end of 2014 to the end of 2015.  And the fact that the San Francisco Giants baseball team and the said Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, were the two last teams, named after Christian saints and heavenly angels, to win major league championships, but only after the October 8th 2014 appearance of the 2nd of 4 blood moons, appears to signify that this 15 year winning streak by 13 American professional sports teams did indeed have something to do with the end times of biblical prophecy.  See below:


                                          2014 S.F. Giants Win/L.A. Galaxy Win*

                                            (10/29/14)  / (12/07/14)

                                                   V              V   

----------X----------------------------X-*------------*-------------------X------------------------X--------------        Passover '14         Feast of Tabernacles '14                Passover '15      Feast of Tabernacles '15

(1st Blood Moon)         (2nd Blood Moon)                (3rd Blood Moon)      (4th Blood Moon)

  April 15, 2014              October 8, 2014                     April 4, 2015         September 28, 2015



Perhaps Jonathan Cahn's latest argument regarding possible economic and financial collapses due to occur on the climactic 'Shemitah' end date of September 13, 2015 marks only the beginning of such terrible end-time events to come.  And if so, does it not mean then that this 15 year duration of championship wins by American professional teams named after heavenly angels and Christian saints is no coincidence at all, but rather, a form of advance notice by a higher power warning the world of something terrible to come.  Perhaps, forewarning us of the tribulation period that is to last 7 years, as foretold in the Book of Daniel, chapter 9, verse 27.  Where the recurring number 13 is a code that represents the number of years the world will go through a dark period (2015 + 13 years = 2028), with 7 of those years constituting the greatest amount of suffering mankind will ever witness.  Whether such tribulation lasts for 7 years or 161 years, one could only assume that such a tribulation would include either another world war, as discussed previously, or an economic collapse or even natural cataclysms or worse, all of the aforesaid.  Well, whatever it means, there is enough information here that should compel the average person to think seriously on the matter.  In the Prophecy of La Salette, recall that the Marian seer, Melanie Calvat, suggested that the end time events would occur during the time period when “…the moon will only reflect a faint reddish glow. …”  (See:  http://www.thepopeinred.com/secret.htm).





What evidence is there that I am on the right track regarding this entire matter?  Well, it appears that astronomy will provide several clues in order for me to answer the aforesaid question. 

In 2008, it was suggested by Rick Larson, Esq., that the planet Jupiter may have played an important role in the birth of Jesus Christ, in guiding the three wise men from Persia, otherwise known as the Magi, to the stable in Bethlehem where they found the infant Jesus and worshipped him, as described in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 2, vv. 1-12.  (See:  'The Star of Bethlehem."  Presenter:  Rick Larson, Esq., MPower Pictures, Stephen Vidano Films (2009)).  Such a notion that Jupiter could have been the actual ‘Star of Bethlehem’ has been a controversial topic amongst astronomers for many years, but could still be plausible nonetheless.  Indeed, according to Australian astronomer Dave Reneke, using sophisticated astronomical computer software, on June 17, 2 B.C., Jupiter was in very close conjunction with the planet Venus, and as a consequence, appeared brighter to the naked eyes of the observers on earth, not least of which to the Magi.  (See:  ‘Jesus was born in June’, astronomers claim.  The Telegraph, December 9, 2008; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/christmas/3687843/Jesus-was-born-in-June-astronomers-claim.html).

On June 30, 2015, Jupiter was again in very close conjunction with Venus, and appeared brighter in the night sky.  (See:  Michael Pearson, ‘Double Star’ moment for Jupiter and Venus in the night sky.  Space + Science, CNN, July 1, 2015:  http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/30/us/feat-jupiter-venus-conjunction/index.html).

And even though more than two years have passed since that special event, something far more unique is about to happen.  For on September 23, 2017, the prophecy of the Virgin in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation will apparently be fulfilled, whereby the constellation of Virgo (aka the Virgin) will be clothed with the sun, with the moon at her feet, and crowned with twelve stars (i.e. Venus, Mercury, Mars & the 9 stars constituting the adjacent Constellation of Leo).   It is notable that between November 23, 2016 and September 08, 2017, the planet Jupiter travels in retrograde within what appears to be the womb region of the Constellation of Virgo, thereby symbolically representing the virgin in travail described in Revelation 12.  And by September 23, 2017, Jupiter will have already left the womb region of Virgo, thereby constituting the birth of a child, which in this case, would symbolically represent Jesus.

Although several thousand years have elapsed since its last appearance during the birth of Jesus Christ, the aforesaid upcoming astronomical event is far more unique than the last one, in that it appears to be the actual fulfillment of the apocalyptic prophecy of Revelation 12, while the one during the days of Jesus was only a partial fulfillment.


See illustrations below:



Fig.  8.   Constellation of Virgo without artistic illustration on September 23, 2017.





Fig.  9 .  Constellation of Virgo – Jupiter in retrograde (Beginning of Virgin in Travail).




Fig.  10.  Constellation of Virgo – Jupiter in Retrograde (Virgin in Travail).




Fig. 11.   Constellation of Virgo – Jupiter in Retrograde (Virgin continues in Travail).





Fig.  12.   Constellation of Virgo – Jupiter Leaves Womb on September 23, 2017 (Virgin gives birth, while being clothed with the sun; with the moon at her feet, and crowned with the nine stars of Leo, including Regulus, along with Mercury, Mars and Venus, totaling 12 stars).  SEE:  APPENDIX





Fig. 13.  Constellation of Virgo - Mars passes by (In ancient Rome, Mars was the God of War).





So how does all of the aforesaid relate to my contention that these are the end times?  Now recall earlier that I mentioned that the so-called ‘Star of Bethlehem’ (aka Jupiter) made an appearance over the night sky on June 30, 2015, a date that is significant when taking into account that it fell right between April 4, 2015 and September 28, 2015, the appearance dates of the last two of four blood moons.  The aforesaid appearance date of the Bethlehem Star in 2015 appears to have apocalyptic significance when taking into account that this very star along with the other aforesaid stars on September 23, 2017 will apparently fulfill the biblical prophecy of Revelation 12 regarding the astronomical symbolism of the virgin in travail.

If it is to be accepted that the ancient appearance of the said ‘Star of Bethlehem’ constituted the birth of mankind’s savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and hence, the birth of the Christian era (Anno Domini [A.D.] or Christian Era [C.E.]), then it can be argued that it’s subsequent modern day appearance in the 21st century constitutes the beginning of the end of the Christian era.  Thus, the apocalyptic era constitutes a most disturbing time in Christian history indeed.

When will the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled?  Several passages from the Holy Bible can give us hints in order to answer that disconcerting question.  According to the Book of Revelation, chapter 12, vv 1-2, we read the following:

“And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.  But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.”   (KJ)


In the Book of Revelation, chapter 13, vv 4-5, we further read that it is the Antichrist who is behind the fulfillment of the times of the Gentiles:

“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?  And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.”  (KJ)


In the Book of Daniel, chapter 7, v 25, we find out what the Antichrist does during those same forty two months (1290 days):

“And he shall speak words against the High One, and shall crush the saints of the most High: and he shall think himself able to change times and laws, and they shall be delivered into his hand until a time, and times, and half a time.”  (D-R)


As one can make out from the foregoing biblical passages, the times of the Gentiles comes to an end after they tread upon the holy city of Jerusalem and the Christian saints have been martyred by the Antichrist for three and a half years, otherwise known as the Great Tribulation.  Also see:  Book of Luke, chapter 21, vv 23-24.

The Great Tribulation is referred to in several places of the Bible as the greatest time of suffering mankind will ever face in the history of the world.  Indeed, according to the Book of Matthew 24:21-22, the latter three and a half years of the tribulation is characterized by the following:


“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.   And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.”   (KJ)


But having said that, how do we know what ‘time, and times, and half a time’ refers to in v 25 in Daniel 7?  Well, we know that the said verse refers to the three and a half years of the Great Tribulation, because the prophet Daniel spells it out in v 11 of Daniel 12, whereby he states the following:

“From the time that the regular sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.” 


And scholars have determined that ‘time, and times, and half a time’ is equivalent to 1290 days or three and a half years (42 months).  (Walter Harrelson, Interpreting The Old Testament.  Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., San Francisco, 1964, pp. 466-467).

Now it must be remembered here that the three and a half years of the Great Tribulation is preceded by the three and a half years of the Tribulation, since both the said Tribulation and Great Tribulation constitutes en toto the seven years of the 70th seven found in Daniel 9.  Indeed, in chapter 9, v 27 in the Book of Daniel, we read the following:

“He will confirm a covenant with many for one 'seven.' In the middle of the 'seven' he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him."   (KJ)


[NOTE:   Some may argue that integral to the events underlying the seven year tribulation period is the existence of a rebuilt third temple.  This may be so, but interestingly enough, it has been recently reported in Israel that the temple is secretly being rebuilt, underneath the Temple Mount.  Indeed, according to Philip Gilchrist, an architect from New Zealand, who toured a series of underground tunnels adjacent to the retaining walls of the Temple Mount, obvious construction of the third temple had already begun.  And although the Rabbi’s overseeing the said construction have insisted that this was not so, Gilchrist excitedly believed otherwise based upon his 15 year experience as an architect.  See:  Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, ‘Rebuilding the Third Temple:  Is Underground Construction Under Jerusalem Preparing for Third Temple?  No, But…’  Breaking Israel News, July 7, 2017; https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/tag/rebuilding-the-third-temple/.  ]

So now we know that this 70th week period known as the Tribulation/Great Tribulation time period, refers to the last unit of a 70 week timeline given to the prophet Daniel by God through the angel Gabriel.  In this timeline, Daniel is given the keys to understanding the future of both his Jewish people and the holy city of Jerusalem.  The first 69 weeks or 483 years covers a time period between Persia’s King Artexerxes order to Nehemiah to rebuild the gates and walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:5; also see Daniel 9:25) and the penal death of a Messiah (Daniel 9:26).  Once the Messiah is killed, the prophecy halts and there is a sizeable gap in time (i.e. biblical time compression) between the 69th week and the 70th week of Daniel.  The start of the 70th week of Daniel is, therefore, left for a future date. 

Now having said all that, there has been concern that one cannot rely on the Book of Daniel at all in the analysis of the apocalyptic end times, since some have argued that the timeline of events described by the prophet Daniel have already been fulfilled at an earlier time during the reign of Anitochus IV Epiphanes.  But according to scholar, W. Sibley Towner, such "an eschatological crisis did not, of course, happen in the reign of Antiochus.  ...By means of reinterpretation of the symbols of the apocalypse, it would have been possible to keep the timetable of events leading up to the last judgment open, and it was that openness that enabled the writer of Revelation 20 to transform Daniel 7 into a vision of the imminent worldwide crisis known as the *day of judgment."  (W. Sibley Towner, 'The Book of Daniel,' in The Oxford Companion to the Bible.  Edited by Bruce M. Metzger & Michael D. Coogan, Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K. (1993), p. 152).

Further clues that Daniel referred to the Antichrist, and not to Antiochus IV Ephiphanes, in Daniel 9:27, can be found in another passage, notably in Daniel 11:36-37, whereby it states

"And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."


It is in this very passage that scholars agree that Antiochus never exalted himself above all other gods, since he subordinately worshipped the Greek god of Zeus, a god well-known to his fathers, with unclean sacrifices in the Jewish temple.  And Daniel 11:45 could not have referred to Antiochus, since he died in Tabae or Gabae, Persia (modern day Iran), and not in Palestine, the location where Daniel prophesied that the Antichrist will meet his end.  'Antiochus IV Epiphanes, Seleucid King,' by Hans Volkmann.  Encyclopaedia Britannica. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Antiochus-IV-Epiphanes.

It is the author's contention and firm belief that the future date for the start of the 70th week of Daniel, if it is to start at all, must start after September 23, 2017, the very date of the fulfillment of chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation

This must be so, for according to the Book of Revelation, after the symbolic virgin has successfully given birth to the messiah child, she is swept up to a safe haven prepared for her by God to hide safely from Satan for a period of 1260 days.  Indeed, we read in chapter 12, vv 13-14 of the Book of Revelation the following:

“And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.  And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.”  (KJ)


This reference to the symbolic virgin’s time in the safe haven of the wilderness prepared for her by God is also made in Revelation 12:6, where we read

“The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.”  (NIV)


So based upon all of the foregoing, it appears quite clear that the seven year tribulation period is about to start after September 23, 2017, reach a midway point around early March 2021, and end around September 2024.   If the aforesaid is correct, then we also know when the sixth seal of Revelation 6 will occur, since it has been prophesied that the heavenly signs will occur IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Great Tribulation has ended, which should be in 2024. 

HOWEVER, if the author is in error regarding the end of the Great Tribulation, and the date for such an end is longer than expected, then this could be due to the fact that the conception of time in Heaven regarding the length of time of the Great Tribulation is different than the scholars of mankind. The only evidence that this could be the case can be found in the Bayside Prophecies, in which the Virgin Mary revealed to the late Marian seer, Veronica Lueken, the misconception of mankind’s calculation regarding the duration of the Anti-Christ’s reign during the Great Tribulation by revealing to her the following:


He will proceed on into Egypt and Israel and bring Russia from the north. Wake up to the truth! His reign will be longer than man expects. The interpretation of man has erred. The time and one time and a half is in Heaven’s time; the earthly time is very much longer.” (Directive of February 1, 1971).

Virgin Mary’s Bayside Prophecies, vol. I, 1970-1973, These Last Days Ministeries, Inc. Lowell, Michigan, 2002.






          -------- [1st SEAL] False Christs to Deceive the Many

                    Revelation 6:1-2

         Ongoing, but intensifying

         -------- [2ND SEAL] Wars & Rumors of Wars

                    Revelation 6:3-4

         Ongoing, but intensifying

         -------- [3RD SEAL] Famine

                    Revelation 6:5-6

         Ongoing, but intensifying

         -------- [4TH SEAL] Pestilence

                    Revelation 6:7-8

         Ongoing, but intensifying

 *******[5TH SEAL] Tribulation Starts – September 24, 2017

          Daniel 9:27 & Revelation 12


          1260 Days (3½ years)

          Revelation 6 & 9


>>>>>>Midpoint (Antichrist ends sacrifice at temple; sets up abomination of desolation)

********Great Tribulation BeginsMarch 2021

          Daniel 9:27b & Revelation 11-13  


          1290 Days (3½ years)

          Martyrdom of Saints

          Daniel 7:25; & Revelation 12:11; 14-19


********Great Tribulation Ends – September 2024

          Gentile Era Ends

          Daniel 9:27c  


         -------- [6th SEAL] Heavenly Signs of a Blackened Sun, a Blood Red Moon & Fallen Stars

                    Occurs IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Great Tribulation in 2024

         After September 24, 2024

         Joel 2:31 & Revelation 6:12-13

         -------- [7th SEAL] 7 Trumpets:  earth, sea, trees, rivers injured; 1st/2nd Woes; 7th Trumpet

                    (3rd Woe) – 7 last plagues; Jesus returns and Messianic Age of 1000 years begins

         2016 to 2024

         Revelation 8, 9, 11, 16, 15

                    More Info on the 7 Trumpets of the [7th SEAL]:

                    1st WOE of the APOCALYPSE:

                          1st TRUMPET - Fire and Hail, one third of earth burned, all green grass and one                                                   third of all trees burned on earth (Revelation 8:7);


                                       Worldwide fires increasing.

                                       70,000 fires burning in the rainforest of Brazil alone!


                                       First Trumpet sounded over Jerusalem on October 1, 2016.

                                       "Ring Cloud makes Trumpet Sound over Jerusalem"


                                       "Hallelujah Trumpets and Signs in Jerusalem October 2016"


                                       *Note the halo over the city formed by the resonance of                                                                          the Trumpets.  (See:  Chladni Plates as Illustrations                                             of resonance);

                         2nd TRUMPET - Huge asteroid travels across parts of the earth eventually                                                              landing in the ocean causing a deluge (Revelation 8:8).

                                        Trumpet sounded in January 23 of 2019 over San Mateo, California

                                        where the same type of halo formed over the city via  resonance.

                                        Sept. 19, 2022 (Great “minor” Chastisement);

                         3rd TRUMPET - Separate bolide or meteorite passes over the earth contaminating                                                  all of the earth's fresh water (Revelation 8:10);

                         4th TRUMPET - Portions of the sun, moon and stars turn dark (Revelation 8:12);

                         5th TRUMPET - Angel descends from Heaven to release disembodied spirits or                                                        demons in order to torment mankind for five months (Revelation                                                            9:1-12);

                    2nd WOE of the APOCALPYSE:

                          6th TRUMPET - Angel from Heaven releases four bound Angels located under the                                                  dried up River Euphrates in Iraq in order kill one third of all of                                                                mankind via plagues (Revelation 9:13-18 & 16:8-12);

                    Mystery of God Accomplished (Revelation 10:7);

                    3rd WOE of the APOCALYPSE:

                          7th TRUMPET - Declaration of God's glorious reign over all mankind; and                                                               judgment day of both the living and the dead; seven bowls of                                                                 wrathful punishment are poured out onto the earth                                                                               resulting in plagues, massively destructive earthquakes, disappearance of                                               both islands and mountains, severe heat waves, collapse of cities in all                                                  nations, and the death of all living things in the oceans  (Revelation 16:1-                                              21).  A comet of planetary size.  September 24, 2024.  (Great Ball of                                                      Chastisement).


Very important to note here that the aforesaid events of the Apocalyptic timeline doesn’t appear to occur in an exact chronological order.  If God and the heavenly host are holy entities of the higher dimensions of existence, perhaps of the tenth or eleventh dimension, then the aforesaid entities perception of time must be different from our own.   For if God is indeed both omniscient and omnipresent, then that must imply that he or it is an entity that resides in the higher dimensions.  For according to celebrated physicist, Michio Kaku, if one wanted to know the mind of God, one would have to be in the tenth or eleventh dimension.  See: 

Michio Kaku, Parallel Worlds:  A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos, Anchor Books, New York, 2005, p. 185. 





It has been suggested by Jonathan Cahn that the course of the United States in the last thirty nine years parallels that of ancient Israel 3000 years ago during the time of King Ahab and his Queen of Canaanite descent, Jezebel.  He likens King Ahab with President Clinton, Queen Jezebel with Hilary Clinton, the nemesis Ben Hadad with Osama Bin Laden, King Joram with President Barack Obama, the Warrior King Jehu with President Donald Trump, the holy man known as Jehonadab with the religious conservative Mike Pence, the ancient practice of offering children up for sacrifice and the modern day legal practice of abortion, and the fall of the first Temple of Baal with the modern day destruction of the last two Temples of Baal. 

There appears to be parallels with the lives of these modern day American politicians with the lives of ancient Israelite monarchs in their rise to power, their activities while in power, and what happened to the country as a result of such activities.  More than just a generalistic replay of history, this ancient template or master blueprint seems to foretell events in the modern era “down to the exact days of their transpiring.” 

In order to avoid the fate of ancient Israel under King Jehu where failed to prevent the country’s decline to apostasy and destruction, recommendations are made by Cahn for religious reformation and revival in order to repair the altar of the Lord (the cross of Jesus) and save the United States from complete apostasy, degradation and the judgment of God.  Jonathan Cahn, Paradigm, Frontline, Florida, 2017.  (Also see:  https://www.jonathancahn.com   ).






It is believed that Moses, inspired by God, wrote 13 Torah Scrolls, in which he gave one scroll to each of the 12 Tribes of Israel, while placing the 13th scroll into the Ark of the Covenant along with the stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments of God.  Indeed, we know this because of what the authorized ancient Hebrew commentators on the Torah Text have said about it in the Midrash (Devarim Rabba 9:4).  For the Midrash (Devarim Rabba 9:4) states the following:

“Before his death, Moses wrote 13 Torah Scrolls.  Twelve of those were distributed to each of the 12 Tribes.  The 13th was placed in the Ark of the Covenant (with the Tablets).  If anyone would come and attempt to rewrite or falsify the Torah, the one in the Ark would “testify” against him.  (Likewise, if he had access to the scroll in the Ark and tried to falsify it, the distributed copies would “testify” against him.)”

Aish Hatorah, ‘Accuracy of the Torah Text.’ (02/01/16).







In 1982, after several years of digging with his two sons, Danny and Ronny, at the Calvary Escarpment on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem, the late Ron Wyatt, a clinical anaesthesiologist and devout Christian from Tennessee, found the Ark of the Covenant that was hidden there by the Prophet Jeremiah approximately 2,400 years ago.  It was in a cave which was 20 feet directly underneath what appeared to have been the actual crucifixion site of Jesus Christ, which Ron Wyatt also discovered.  He realized this after discovering dried blood that was on the ceiling of the cave directly above the said Ark.  It was the blood of Jesus that poured out of him after the Roman soldier pierced him with a spear.  John 19:21-37.  That same spear, the Spear of Longinus, which passed through many rulers in history, is now housed at the Kunsthistoriches Museum, in Vienna, Austria.  See:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzG5bwCPSec

The blood seemed to have seeped into the cave through a crack that stretched upward to the surface of the crucifixion site.  

What was interesting was that Wyatt also found chips of the blood all over the surface of the top of the said Ark, primarily on the mercy seat.  The blood was analyzed and found to have exhibited several strange characteristics such as the following:

1)  the blood was still alive; and

2)  that it had twenty four chromosomes instead of 46 (23 from the mother, and only 1 from the father, which is impossible in medicine).

What this blood analysis suggests is that the blood had a human mother, but a non-human father.  That being the case, it was surmised by Wyatt, and quite rightly so, that such blood had to have come from Jesus Christ, for he was the only man in history to have been born of a virgin who was conceived by the Holy Ghost.  (Luke 1:34-35; Matthew 1:18).

Apart from the Ark, several other pieces of furniture such as a golden Candlebra and the Showbread Table were also in the cave where the Ark of the Covenant was situated. 

All attempts to photograph the Ark failed, for each photograph appeared blurry, as if some form of radiation was distorting the images.  

During the course of further diggings in order to make the passages to the cave housing the Ark larger for easier movement, Ron Wyatt described a time when the Israeli government had sent six men of Levite heritage to recover the Ark in order to safeguard it from then Yassar Arafat, the late leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization.  However, all had died in the attempt before they could reach the Ark.  It was later discovered that all six men had died of a brain hemorrhage. 

The significance of that alleged event was twofold:  1) it was the real Ark of the Covenant as evidenced by the six deaths of those attempting to go near it (see:  2 Samuel 6:1-7); and 2) a Christian gentile of non-Levite heritage was allowed to find it and touch it. 

If taken to its logical conclusion, it would appear that the Ark of the Covenant was no longer assigned to the Levitic priestly line of Old Testament times, but by the blood of Christ, re-assigned by God to the Christians under the New Covenant.  Also see:  Book of Hebrews 5:5-6.

The new covenant is based upon Almighty God's promise to write His law in our hearts and it was ratified with the very blood of Christ (Hebrews 8:10 and Jeremiah 31:33, 34) on the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant.  Indeed, by shedding his blood on the cross at Calvary, and having his blood seep through the cracks of the Calvary Escarpment on Mt. Moriah and into a cave, a naturally formed Tabernacle housing the Ark of the Covenant, he entered into the holy place one time, as a Priest in the order of Melchizedek, and by his blood landing onto the mercy seat of the said Ark of the Covenant, ratified the New Covenant and redeemed all of mankind from sin forever. 

After learning that the late Ron Wyatt had discovered the Ark of the Covenant and the blood of Jesus Christ that was found on the mercy seat of that same Ark, we now realize what was meant in the Book of Hebrews 9:11-12 which beautifully reads as follows:

“But The Messiah who has come has become The High Priest of the good things that he did, and he entered The Great and Perfect Tabernacle which is not made with hands, and was not from these created things. And he did not enter with blood of yearling goats and of calves, but with his own blood he entered the holy place one time and has achieved eternal redemption.”  (Aramaic Bible In Plain English)


The very last time Ron Wyatt entered the cave housing the Ark, he described that the cave was cleaned up and the furniture organized.  However, since it was only he who ever entered that particular cave all those years, it seemed strange to him how it could have been done, until he saw four men that he described as angels inside the cave. 

The four angels lifted the several hundred pound solid gold mercy seat off the Ark as if it was nothing, and gave Wyatt to hold the two tablets of stone representing the Ten Commandments of God for just a few minutes.  They told Wyatt that they were there guarding the Ark since the time Moses had placed the two tablets of the Ten Commandments inside the Ark.  And that the Ark and the stone tablets would be revealed to the world at a future time after the “Sunday law was enforced.”  In other words, only after the Mark of Beast law of Revelation was enforced upon the population would the Ark and the tablets be finally revealed. 

What the four angels told him is not only in line with the scriptures in Revelation 13:15-18, but also is in line with the apocryphal Book of Maccabees.  Indeed, in 2 Maccabees 2:2, we learn what the prophet Jeremiah did with the Ark of the Covenant in the following manner:

“The same document also describes how the prophet, warned by an oracle, gave orders for the tent and the ark to go with him, when he set out for the mountain which Moses had climbed to survey God's heritage.  On his arrival, Jeremiah found a cave-dwelling, into which he put the tent, the ark and the altar of incense, afterwards blocking up the entrance.  Some of his companions went back later to mark out the path but were unable to find it.  When Jeremiah learned this, he reproached them, "The place is to remain unknown", he said, "until God gathers his people together again and shows them his mercy.  Then the Lord will bring these things once more to light, and the glory of the Lord be seen, and so will the cloud, as it was revealed in the time of Moses and when Solomon prayed that the holy place might be gloriously hallowed."


From the aforesaid passage, the reference to the Ark remaining hidden until the endtimes when the gathering of the lost Tribes of Israel is accomplished, also confirms what was said in the Book of Acts 3:20-21, whereby the restoration of Israel must occur first, before the second coming of the Messiah.  The Book of Acts 3:20-21 states the following:

“That the Lord may send Jesus, your long-decreed Christ, who must be kept in heaven till the period of the great Restoration.  Ages ago God spoke of all this by the lips of His holy prophets.”  (KJV)



The fact that the Ark of the Covenant remained hidden for approximately 2,400 years until now, indicates that it is the endtimes and that the time for its showcasing to the world must be very near indeed.

More detailed information regarding the Late Ron Wyatt can be found at:

The Wyatt Family Website:  The Discoveries of Ron Wyatt



Original Ron Wyatt Ark of the Covenant Discovery with Extras


(46.00 minute) - This video is now missing!


Part 3 of 4 Ark of the Covenant Ron Wyatt's Discoveries 2017




Ron Wyatt Last Interview 1999, Reveals When The Ark of the Covenant Will Come Into Play


(16:40-18:09; 23:00-25:00; 25:30 - 26:20)


Ron Wyatt's sons Danny and Ronny share their Testimonies and visit Yisrael



NOTE:  According to Danny and Ronny, Ron Wyatt told them that the two stone tablets of the ten commandments appeared to have been written with a finger on butter (signs of extremely focused vitrification or melting of stone).  To artificially vitrify solid stone would require energy powered by a small atomic reactor.




According to the German saint and stigmatist, Anne Catherine Emmerich, the bones of Adam were reposed deep down (at water level) in a cavern directly underneath the crucifixion site at Calvary. She stated the following:

I once had a vision of Mount Golgotha. I saw on it a prophet, the companions of Elijah. The Mount was at that time full of caves and sepulchers. The prophet entered one of the caves and from a stone coffin filled with bones took up the skull of Adam. Instantly an angel appeared before him, saying: “That is Adam’s skull,” and forbade its removal. . . . Christ’s cross stood in a straight line above that skull at the time of his crucifixion. I was interiorly instructed that the spot upon which the skull rests is the middle point of the earth.”

Anne Catherine Emmerich, First Beginnings: From the Creation to the Mountain of the Prophets & From Adam and Eve to Job and the Patriarchs, From the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, Edited by James R. Wetmore, Angelico Press, Brooklyn, New York, 2018, pp. 55-56.



Saint Emmerich further described in her vision, that Adam’s bones were inside a brown leather pouch located inside the Ark of the Covenant under Mount Golgotha. Saint Emmerich stated the following:

About eight months later, on Monday evening (after Easter Sunday), April 6, AD 33, Jesus explained to the apostles several points of holy scripture relative to himself and the blessed sacrament, and ordered the latter to be venerated at the close of the sabbath solemnities. He spoke of the sacred mystery of the Ark of the Covenant; of the bones and relics of ancestors and their veneration – thus to obtain their intercession; of Abraham, and of the bones of Adam that he had had in his possession and that he had laid on the altar when offering sacrifice. … Jesus likewise told the disciples that Adam’s bones – which had been preserved in the Ark of the Covenant – Jacob gave to Joseph along with the many-colored coat. I saw then that Jacob gave them to Joseph without the latter’s knowing what they were. Jacob’s love prompted him to bestow them upon Joseph as a means of protection, as a treasure, because he knew that his brothers did not love him. Joseph carried the bones hanging on his breast in a little pouch formed of two leathern tablets, not square, but rounded on top. … Again, I saw the bones under Mount Golgotha. They were white as snow and still very hard. Some of Joseph’s own bones were preserved in the Ark of the Covenant.”

Anne Catherine Emmerich, Mysteries of the Old Testament: From Joseph and Asenath to the Prophet Malachi & The Ark of the Covenant and the The Mystery of the Promise, Edited by James R. Wetmore, Angelico Press, Brooklyn, New York, 2018, p. 157-158.


If Saint Emmerich is correct, then the alabaster casket of bones discussed earlier, that were thought to belong to the Patriarch Adam, now housed in the Smithsonian Museum, must be the body of some other biblical character of importance (i.e. perhaps the matriarch Eve?). Or is it?

Saint Emmerich again holds the key to this dilemma. For on closer examination of her writings, we discover that the bones of Adam were not only with Noah on the ark, but some of the bones were also distributed to several other patriarchs in the post-flood period. Indeed, she stated the following:

I then beheld the country where Jerusalem was built, as it appeared after the deluge, and the land was all unsettled black, stony, and very different from what it had been before. At an immense depth below the rock that constitutes Golgotha, or Mount Calvary (which was formed in this spot by the rolling of the waters), I saw the tomb of Adam and Eve. The head and one rib were wanting to one of the skeletons, and the remaining head was placed within the same skeleton, to which it did not belong. The bones of Adam and Eve had not all been left in this grave, for Noah had some of them with him in the ark and they were transmitted from generation to generation by the patriarchs. Noah, and also Abraham, were in the habit, when offering sacrifice, of always laying some of Adam’s bones upon the altar to remind the Almighty of His Promise. When Jacob gave Joseph his variegated robe he at the same time gave him some bones of Adam to be kept as relics. Joseph always wore them on his bosom and they were placed with his own bones in the first reliquary that the children of Israel brought out of Egypt.”

Emmerich, First Beginnings, ibidem, p. 57.

Also see: Anne Catherine Emmerich, https://www.olrl.org>prophecy>emmerich.shtml


Whatever the case may be, one can at least conclude that Anne Catherine Emmerich must have indeed been a saint of God, for how else, can a woman born in Germany in 1774, could possibly have known of the secret cavern housing the true Ark of Covenant located 20 feet directly underneath the crucifixion site of Jesus Christ. The chances of Saint Emmerich correctly guessing the location of a cavern directly underneath the crucifixion site of Jesus in Jerusalem is slim to none. And assuming that the said saint is correct, then such information lends credence to the late Ron Wyatt’s claim of discovering the Ark under Calvary at Mount Moriah.

Further indications that the late Ron Wyatt had found the authentic and true Ark of the Covenant can be found in the known descriptions of the said Ark. In the Book of Exodus 25:18-22, we find that the Ark of the Covenant was to be constructed in the following manner:

And thou shalt make two cherubims of gold, of beaten work shalt thou make them, in the two ends of the mercy seat. And make one cherub on the one end, and the other cherub on the other end: even of the mercy seat shall ye make the cherubims on the two ends thereof. And the cherubims shall stretch forth their wings on high, covering the mercy seat with their wings, and their faces shall look one to another; toward the mercy seat shall the faces of the cherubims be. And thou shalt put the mercy seat above upon the ark; and in the ark thou shalt put the testimony that I shall give thee. And there I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the testimony, of all things which I will give thee in commandment unto the children of Israel.” (KJV)


Now compare the 3D printed model of the Ark of the Covenant that the late Ron Wyatt found in the cavern underneath the Calvary site in Jerusalem. (See: http://www.arkdiscovery.com/3d-ark.htm). Notice carefully that the 3D printed model of the Ark of the Covenant has two angels on both sides of the said Ark facing each other with the end of the wing of each angel touching on the back side of the mercy seat, while the other wing of each angel being free and slightly extended. Also notice that the right hand of one angel is grasping a rod protruding upward from one side of the mercy seat, while the left hand of the other angel is grasping another rod that protrudes upward on the other side of the mercy seat. Although not in violation of the instructions provided in Exodus 25:18-22, this particular description of the Ark is not to be found anywhere in the Old or New Testaments, nor anywhere else, for that matter. However, examine the writings of Saint Emmerich, where she provides the exact same description of this important part of the Ark. Indeed, Saint Emmerich stated the following:

Each end of the throne of grace was concave, and in each cavity was securely fastened a golden cherub about the size of a boy. . . . The right hand of one of the cherubs and the left of the other clasped the rod, while their outspread wings, the right of the one and the left of the other, met behind it. The two other wings, only slightly extended, did not meet, but left the sight of the crown from the front of the Ark free.”

Anne Catherine Emmerich, Mysteries of the Old Testament, ibidem, p. 125.


So what can be seen here is that the gross descriptions of the Ark of the Covenant provided by Saint Emmerich several centuries before are essentially the same as those given by the late Ron Wyatt back in 1982, both of which differ from several centuries of artist depictions of the ark showing the ends of both wings of each of the two angels meeting on top of the Ark, a depiction, now known to be in error, loosely drawn from the Book of Exodus 25:18-22. Based upon the aforesaid information, one can conclude that the Ark of the Covenant discovered by Ron Wyatt is the actual Ark of the Covenant of Exodus 25:11-22.

Recall earlier, that Ron Wyatt discovered the apparent blood of Jesus Christ on the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant. Christ’s blood on the ark’s mercy seat was not coincidental, for it fulfilled the requirements of the Books of Leviticus 16:14 and Hebrews 9:7. It is the author’s contention that the blood on the Ark symbolized the ratification of the New Covenant between God and man. The blood of Christ served as eternal atonement for mankind’s sins before God. And that the Mystery of the Ark became the holy sacrament of Jesus Christ. Saint Emmerich believed that the latter was the fulfillment of the former. She stated that ‘the Mystery’ or ‘Holy Thing of the Ark,’ that served as the most holy sacrament in the tabernacle, was first given to Abraham by an angel and resembled “a radiating shape like that of a seed or bean, the two parts thereof curved on one side, …” And it glowed bright red and appeared to increase in size within its golden casket container when prayer and penance increased in Israel. Moreover, sometimes this ‘Holy Thing’ would “put forth little buds.”*** For this reason, Saint Emmerich believed that Aaron’s staff, which also sprouted branches with long leaves, had possessed the Mystery of the Ark of the Covenant.

Anne Catherine Emmerich, Mysteries of the Old Testament, ibidem, pp. 26, fn. 2, 124, 126-131, & 136.


***NOTE:  The budding of the ‘Holy Thing’ in the Ark of the Covenant is significant, for it represents the manifestation of the glory of God. The only other reference to an instrument of God that budded is Aaron’s rod used in the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt, and the rod of Saint Joseph which blossomed in the Temple allowing him to win the hand of the Virgin Mary by competitive lot.

Book of Numbers 17:8.


Charles, Rodney, Everyday a Miracle Happens: A Collection of Miracles From Around the World, Sunstar Publishing Ltd., Fairfield, Iowa, 1994, p. 117.


Ryan, G., Rippergar, H. (eds.), The Golden Legend of Jacobus de Voragine, New York and London, 1941, pp. 204-205.



Saint Emmerich, in describing her vision of the last words of the resurrected Jesus to his apostles before departing to Heaven, elaborated even further about the ‘Mystery’ of the Ark and stated the following:

Jesus spoke too of the Mystery contained in the Ark of the Covenant. He said that that Mystery was now his body and blood, which he gave to them forever in the sacrament. He spoke of his own passion and of some wonderful things relating to David, of which they were ignorant and which he explained. Lastly, he bade them go in a couple of days to the region of Sichar, and there proclaim his resurrection. After that he vanished. I saw the apostles and disciples going around among one another, perfectly intoxicated with joy. They opened the doors, went in and out, and assembled again under the lamp, to sing canticles of praise and thanksgiving.”

Anne Catherine Emmerich,Mysteries of the Old Testament, ibidem, p. 158.


The discovery of the Ark of the Covenant underneath the crucifixion site of Mount Moriah at Golgotha, housing not only the ten commandment tablets, but also the bones of Adam and Joseph, as well as possessing the blood of Jesus Christ on the mercy seat of the said ark itself, could only have been by divine design. One must remember here that the ‘mercy seat’ of the Ark remains the throne of God as it was in ancient times. (See: Exodus 25:17-22; 1 Samuel 4:4; and Numbers 7:89; also see: Hebrews 9:5). Indeed, when the prophetic second coming of the Messiah occurs (Book of Matthew 24:30), he must return to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem (Book of Acts 1:9-11; Book of Zechariah 14:4) to begin his earthly reign and do so from the throne or mercy seat of the holy Ark of the Covenant (Book of Ezekial 43:7).

If the prophecy is true, then God will return as the Shekinah glory to reside on his ‘throne’ or mercy seat in the end times. According to Ezekial 43:7, God told Ezekial the following:

And he said unto me, Son of man, the place of my throne, and the place of the soles of my feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel for ever, and my holy name, shall the house of Israel no more defile, neither they, nor their kings, by their whoredom, nor by the carcases of their kings in their high places.”


The Ark’s recent discovery in 1982 indicates that the second coming of the Messiah must be years, not centuries away! And because the Ark continues to serve as the throne of God on earth, it will play an all-important role in end time events.






Because the second coming of Christ during the endtimes cannot occur without the Temple of God being rebuilt first, the author of this blog felt compelled to include information about the Third Temple that was described in the Temple Scroll.


In 1956, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, known as the Temple Scroll (11Q19) was found in Qumran Cave 11.  In the scroll is a description of an idealized Temple that was apparently instructed by God to be constructed, but never realized.  This Temple compound was to be composed of three concentric square courts:  the inner court enclosing the Temple itself, the middle court beyond it, and the outer court. 


The proposed Temple containing the Holy of Holies is a square structure with dimensions of 20 cubits.  From the Temple Scroll, YigaelYadin calculated the dimensions of the three concentric courts as being the following:


Inner Court = 280 cubits × 280 cubits (294 × 294 outer square)

[280 cubits = length of sections between gates (120 x 2) and the gate themselves (10 x 4)],

[294 cubits = 280 cubits + thickness of walls (7 x 2)],

[East Gate represented the Levi Tribe, West Gate represented the Gershon Tribe,

South Gate represented the Levites Tribe of Kohath, North Gate represented the Merari Tribe];


Middle Court = 396 cubits × 396 cubits (480 × 480 outer square)

[Each wall extending 100 cubits beyond the Inner Court with three gates of 28 cubits in width (84 = 28 x 3) separated from each other by 99 cubits on each side of the wall (396 = 99 x 4)],

[Each of the twelve gates of the Middle Court is named after each of the twelve sons of Jacob and proceed from the northeastern corner southwards];



Outer Court = 1,590 cubits x 1,590 cubits

[1,590 cubits = 1,440 (360 cubits x 4 sides) + 150 (50 cubits x 3 gates)],

[The arrangement and names of each of the twelve gates of the Outer Court corresponds exactly with that of the Middle Court].



YigaelYadin, The Temple Scroll, 3 volumes, English translation, Jerusalem: 1984.


The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls,The Israel Museum, Jerusalem



L. H. Schiffman, Descriptions of the Jerusalem Temple in Josephus and the Temple Scroll




For an ILLUSTTRATED DIAGRAM of the idealized Temple described by the Temple Scroll, refer to the following:


Hershel Shanks, The Mystery and Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Random House, New York, 1998, p.  168.
















According to the Book of Daniel 9:27, it is at the endtimes that the AntiChrist will install an abomination that causes desolation (i.e. pagan idols and pagan sacrifices) within the rebuilt Temple of God and desecrate it.  However, there is no rebuilt third Temple of God as of yet.  Philip Gilchrist, on the otherhand, believed that the third Temple was being rebuilt underneath the Temple Mount.[See:  Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, ‘Rebuilding the Third Temple: Is Underground Construction Under Jerusalem Preparing for Third Temple?  No, But…,’ Breaking Israel News, July 7, 2017; https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/tag/rebuilding-the-third-temple/      ].

Even if the third temple was being rebuilt, it wouldn’t matter, for we know that the late Ron Wyatt found the real Ark of the Covenant in a small cave approximately 20 feet below the Calvary Escarpment on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem that is some distance from the Temple Mount.  Without the Ark of the Covenant, the Temple of God under the Temple Mount or anywhere else for that matter,would be meaningless, since God would not be residing there.  For the whole point of the Ark of the Covenant was to serve as a suitable receptacle for God to reside in and on.  The Temple and Tabernacle would house nothing without the Ark of the Covenant within its precincts.  What I, the author of this publication, am trying to say here is the following:  what is so holy about the Holy of Holies, if there is no Ark within it?

After Ron Wyatt’s last visit to the said cave housing the Ark of the Covenant and meeting with the four supposed angels for the first and last time is incredibly important in determining where to rebuild the Third Temple of God, for it was there that he discovered the following:  1) the cave area was cleaned up; 2) the positions of the 2nd temple furniture such as the Candelbra and the Table of Showbread were repositioned; 3) light in the cave appeared to have no source; 4) the Ark of the Covenant remained at the very same location that Wyatt had found it, directly underneath the crack on the ceiling covered with the dried blood of Jesus Christ which was 20 feet below the site of the crucifixion that Wyatt had discovered while first digging at the Calvary Escarpment; and 5) the original entrance used by the prophet Jeremiah to enter into the cave to hide the Ark was blocked by what appeared to be a plasma energy field pulsating with multiple colors behind the said Ark. 


It is important to note here that the late Ron Wyatt was told by one of the four angels that appeared to him that the Mark of the Beast was the legal enforcement of the Sunday sabbath day of the Gentiles.  Remember, by tradition in the western world, Sunday was originally the sabbath day of the Romans before it was Christianized under Emperor Constantine.  Sunday has remained the sabbath of the Christians ever since.  (Note:  Any worship of the sun, whether directly or indirectly is an abomination against God and hence, sinful.  Ezekial 8:16-17).  This is not to suggest that worshiping God on the Lord's Day of Sunday is sinful, but rather, it is suggested here that any observation of Sunday as a Sabbath day and doing no work on that day is indeed sinful.  Do not sanctify Sunday as the Sabbath day by not doing any work.)


Ron Wyatt Last Interview 1999, Reveals When The Ark of the Covenant Will Come Into Play.’ 


(16:40-18:09; 23:00-25:00; 25:30 - 26:20);


‘Ron Wyatt – Discovers the Ark of the Covenant, Part I – Nsearch Radio.’


(25:00-25:38; 25:38-26:20; 34:35).


Based upon the foregoing and based upon previous discussion of the matter within this blog regarding the deaths of the six men of Levitic heritage attempting to retrieve the Ark, it can be safely concluded that the Ron Wyatt archaeological find is the real Ark of the Covenant, unlike the copy in Ethiopia seen by Queen Elizabeth II during the 1960’s.  What can also be safely concluded is that, pursuant to God’s will, the said Ark of the Covenant was not intended to be moved from its present location and that the only actual alternative is to rebuild the third Temple of God OVER BOTH THE CALVARY ESCARPMENT and the cave housing the Ark that lies directly underneath it.  For there is no other conceivable way to fulfill the will of God during the endtimes and still stay alive doing so.

As stated before, for Further Information on Ron Wyatt and the importance of his discoveries, go to:


The Wyatt Family Website:  The Discoveries of Ron Wyatt



Ron Wyatt, Ark of the Covenant, New Zealand, October 1998



Ron Wyatt, Ark of the Covenant, Melbourne, Australia, January 1999




Original Ron Wyatt Ark of the Covenant Discovery with Extras


(46.00 minute) - Now Missing


Ron Wyatt's sons Danny and Ronny share their Testimonies and visit Yisrael





RECOMMENDATIONS:  The author of this blog sincerely and STRONGLY recommends that the Israeli government and the Israeli Department of Antiquities pursue the rebuilding of the third Temple of God over the said Calvary Escarpment with the utmost of haste, before the period of the Great Tribulation begins.  It is further recommended that the said rebuilding of the Temple follow along the plans provided by the Temple Scrolls discussed previously within this blog.  SEE PREVIOUS DIAGRAMS AND THOSE BELOW.  However, having said that, ignore the middle and outer courts, especially the outer courts.  Indeed, as God had mandated:  "leave out the outer court for it is unto the Gentiles."   Revelation 11:2Douay-Rheims Bible.

And what the author further recommends is that Rome changes the Sabbath day of Sunday back to Saturday, pursuant to the commandments of God, as observed by the Jews since the laws were given to Moses on Mount Sinai during the Exodus period.

Once any governmental authority enforces the Sunday law sabbath, then all Christians must dissent, for it is their duty as Christians to do so.  For as Saint Augustine of Hippo recommended centuries ago, when the city of man makes laws that conflict with those of the City of God, then it is their duty as Christians to dissent, even if it causes them to become outcasts or nuisances of the State. 

SAINT AUGUSTINE, Vernon J. Bourke, ed., City of God, Image, New York, 1958, p. 458-459.








In recent years, a supposed comet (astrophysical designation 1I/2017 U1), that was first sighted entering our solar system on October 19, 2017, dubbed by astrophysicists as ‘OUMUAMUA’which means ‘first scout from a distant place’ in Hawaiian, has caused some recent controversy in the scientific world, since the said object seems to have exhibited some characteristics not normally shown in a comet, but that of an alien ship.  The reasons for such speculative conclusions are the following:  the apparently half mile long cigar shaped object exhibited no tail, and kept accelerating from 58,000 mph entering the solar system to a top speed of 196,000 mph, as it travelled toward the sun in a sling shot fashion.  The object travelled through space hyperbolically and is now supposedly travelling in a direction that suggests that it isleaving our solar system. 

Scientists have gone so far as to say that the reason for the non-comet like acceleration of oumuamua is due to solar radiation pressure with a small mass to area of less than a millimeter.  What the scientists have effectively stated was that oumuamua is an apparent interstellar alien probe powered by solar sails.


Abraham Loeb et al., Astrophysical Letters, 868 L1.



Curiouser and Curiouser -- Why is Interstellar Asteroid Oumuamua Accelerating as it Leaves the Solar System?





Now let us assume for a moment that it is an alien probe and that it was sent from somewhere outside our solar system, or for that matter, from outside our milky way galaxy, after receiving signals from the radio telescope of CSETI, what could that possibly mean for earth?  Well, it could mean several things.  It could mean that aliens have sent a probe

1)      in search of life in the universe in order to peacefully study such life; or

2)      have sent the probe for peaceful colonization of planets similar to their own; or worse

3)      to find a suitable civilization to invade and conquer. 

The last possibility, although absolutely horrifying, is probable.  The author of this work states the aforesaid for the following reasons:

a)      no known attempts by the object to contact earth as it passed by;

b)      object passed earth approximately several weeks after the believed start of the biblical

         tribulation, which the author sincerely doesn’t believe to be coincidental; and

c)      as strange as it may seem, what the author visually witnessed in the sky over Fremont,                           California in 2000 provides a clue that Oumuamua may play some role in the endtimes.


One afternoon in the year 2000, the author was driving through Menlo Park, California, just before entering the Dumbarton Bridge, toward Fremont, California, whenthe said author saw two perfectly shaped geometrical cloud formations in the sky, where one resembled an extremely long solid rectangular cylinder, where the cloud formation was much longer than it was wide, while the other formation next to it resembled a giant T-shaped cross, perhaps of Jesus Christ, with a triangular formation of three small circular shaped objects on the stop of the said cross. 

If Oumuamua is indeed a probe from asyet, an unidentified and possibly hostile alien species, perhaps what Heaven had shown the author of this publication was a sign that mankind could defeat these hostile aliens with the cross of Jesus Christ.  The author is not trying to be presumptuous here.  In fact, far from it.  Such events have happened before to others.  Indeed, the event involving Emperor Constantine the Great comes to mind, where Constantine and his soldiers on the field of battle at Milvian Bridge in 312 A.D., facing a formidable enemy, witnessed the cross of Jesus Christ in the sky overhead, and he was instructed to conquer the enemy with the said Cross (“By this sign thou shalt conquer.”), which he did, for he won the battle and established a Christianized Holy Roman Empire.


[See below for an illustration of what the author of this work believes he witnessed while driving over the Dumbarton Bridge in California].









[Recommendation:  Notwithstanding the author’s said witnessing of a sign in the sky, because of the possibility that Oumuamua might be a probe originating from a hostile alien planet that targeted earth due the signals it might have received from the radio telescope operated by CSETI, the author strongly suggests the following to the joint Harvard/MIT endeavor, known as CSETI, which is this:  No Disrespect to Seth Shostak, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHUT THAT DAMN THING OFF please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!].

Hypothetically speaking, could Oumuamua represent an object that iscapable of blocking the view of the sun and the stars in the near future?  Well, in Chapter 8, verse 12 of the Book of Revelation, after the fifth seal is opened and the fourth trumpet is sounded, portions of the sun, moon and stars are prophesied to turn dark.  Perhaps some kind of mother ship, related to the probe, Oumuamua, arrives in our solar system in several years time, and maintains an orbit between the earth and the sun, thereby managing to block out portions of the sun, moon and stars.  For such a ship to do the aforesaid obstruction, it would have to be a very large ship indeed (i.e. several hundred miles long, and perhaps, hundreds of miles in width).  If the alien ship is larger, perhaps thousands of miles long and wide, it would be large enough to be mistaken by astrophysicists as a black hole, but without any of the gravitational effects of a black hole. And such an object would merely block all the stars, moons and planets behind it.  Moreover, being so large, such a humongous ship would be seen for months or years before it arrives between our sun and the earth.

However, Oumuamua was calculated by astrophysicists to be only half a mile long, so it cannot be the obstruction of Revelation, unless, of course, the scientists were wrong in their calculations. 

And let’s us also suppose for now, that this much larger ship, perhaps a mother ship of some kind, represents a vessel belonging to an alien force that is hostile to humans on earth.  Could such hostile aliens represent the disembodied spirits or demons, described in chapter 9, vv. 1-12 in the Book of Revelation, whereby after the blowing of the 5th trumpetthe entities are supposed to torment mankind for five months straight?

Yes, it is possible, but highly improbable, for according to Ryan Pitterson, the demons described in chapter 9 of Revelation actually refer to disembodied spirits of the Nephilim who supposedly perished in the flood, but remain spiritually trapped in the earthly realm as demon spirits.  Thus, any possibility of such entities roaming the universe in physical bodies is not likely.

Ryan Pitterson, Judgment of the Nephilim, Days of Noe Publishing, New York, 2017, pp.  415-443.


Notwithstanding all of the aforesaid, there is always a chance, however small, that this object is indeed, alien in origin, and does play a role in the tribulation period of the endtimes.  If the object in question is alien in origin, let us consider a few things.

Because the speculated alien probe is, at the very least, proven to be interstellar, then it must be concluded, that it originated from a civilization that is at least, a type 1.5J or 1.8 K.  According to physicist MichioKaku, “such a civilization would be several centuries to millennia more advanced than ours.”  MichioKaku, Parallel Worlds:  A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and The Future of the Cosmos, Anchor Books, New York, 2006, p. 320.

If the creators of such a probe are hostile in their intentions, then their advanced technology may indeed, prove most dangerous to the inhabitants of this planet.  What would make such a probe far more dangerous, is what could possibly follow it, perhaps a mother ship that is much larger in size transporting a great number of hostile alien invaders within it.

Further assuming all of the aforesaid is possible, it would then leave open the additional possibility that such a mother ship, housing an invasion force, has already received the data about earth back from its probe, and is heading in the direction of our solar system either right now or very soon.  As an insurance against the aforesaid possibility, it is therefore, prudent, to make preparations for a defense.  Chemical propelled rockets are out of the question, but particle beam weaponry would provide a formidable defense even against a large ship from a civilization more advanced than our own. 

However, one particle beam weapon would not be enough, but several.  And when the author mentions several, he means several very large particle beam weapons to tackle any size invading ship, or worse, armada of ships.  SEE:  FIGURE M below.





If a much larger alien ship does arrive in our solar system, one can only hope that it is only one, and not many.  Moreover, if the ship is similar in shape to the supposed probe, an elongated cylinder, it is still unknown as to what the nature of the alien ship’s propulsion system would be.  For example, is the propulsion system of the alien ship run along its entire length or only situated at either end of it?  Because we don’t know, with any level of certainty, what type of propulsion system the aliens possess, then a simultaneous attack at several key locations of the ship (i.e.  front, middle, and rear) is absolutely necessary in order to prevent the possibility of attacking the alien ship at the wrong location, which would allow it to survive the attack and take evasive measures of escape back to its home planet.  Such a failed defensive attack would be disastrous, for it would allow the aliens to return at some unknown future time with an even larger force. 

Thus, the element of surprise is necessary in order to survive a potential alien invasion.  What is meant by surprise is that even with a probe, the aliens may not be able to know what the technological level and capability of earth’s best weapon systems might be.  If the said alien civilization believes that mankind’s best weaponry are primitive, then their guard will be down, so to speak, and there is, thus, a chance of success.

All probes created on earth, thus far, such as voyager from NASA, are generally smaller than the manned rockets or spaceships (i.e. Saturn rockets of Apollo, space shuttle, et cetera).  If mankind’s probes are anything to go by, probes from the speculated alien civilization must be similarly smaller than their inhabited spaceships.

And because the supposed probe, Oumuamua, was measured to be half-a-mile long, one can only imagine what the actual size of their inhabited spaceships must be, most especially, the size of their spaceships designed for transporting a huge invasion force.  For the author sincerely doubts that the actual manned alien spaceship concerned will only have a mass to area of a millimeter thick.  What happens if the manned alien ship turns out to be solid metal alloy? 

Nevertheless, all of the aforesaid may seem crazy to anyone reading this publication, but it would be equally crazy to believe that the possibility of such things cannot exist, for in truth, they could indeed exist.  Neither the author himself nor all of mankind can afford to ignore the notion, however outrageous and fantastic, that the speculated probe, Oumuamua, is a prelude to an all out invasion by an, as of yet, unknown alien species. 

[UPDATE:  The author had found something interesting on the internet.  During last Halloween, the author first saw a youtube video entitled Scary Things Caught On Camera:  The Sun Vanished Mystery.  It was interesting.  But what I really enjoyed was the apparent sequel to it entitled:  The Sun Vanished Update:  The Story So Far, published by Shenaotic on March 4, 2019.  The video, an apparent promotional for some future film perhaps, described an alleged takeover by alien beings and the events were described by some unseen citizen who used his smart phone and a Twitter account (https://twitter.com/TheSunVanished) to describe or tweet the experiences he had during the aforesaid takeover.  The only interesting aspect about the said YouTube video, apart from the alien’s weird origami shaped ship, was the description of one of the alleged alien beings, whereby the citizen described witnessing a CYLINDER shaped object emanate out its head (22:13-22:30 portion of the video).  Very interesting indeed.

Another interesting aspect of the alien in the video was that its face was supposedly strobing.  Such an alien, if fictional, is novel in that it appears to take over its human victims by entering their bodies through their conscious and subconscious minds via strobing at certain frequencies of light into their eyes.  Incidentally, such strobe lights have been known to cause light induced epilepsy as in the case of several children watching Pokemon when it first aired. 

Perhaps the man behind the promotional or, if authentic, the aliens, got their idea from watching an episode of One Step Beyond entitled “The Villa” which first aired on June 6, 1961.  The episode involved a British medical student experimenting with a strobe device with guests at a house party which resulted in affecting one of them adversely.  If the strobing aliens got their idea to enter into the minds and bodies of humans through an old television show, then perhaps, it was made possible by the transmission of the said show through space.  Such waves would take several decades to travel through space and reach their home planet.  Whatever the case might be, the video is interesting.

By the way, the said uploaded video appeared to be a one man show with a lot of tweets.  Again, it appeared to be a promotional by a single character, but it is still very interesting to watch.  Nevertheless, the said video certainly does provide one scenario for the endtimes though. If someone wants to take this matter further, they should definitely investigate the said Twitter account at Twittter headquarters on Market Street in San Francisco, California. 

Scary Things Caught On Camera:  The Sun Vanished Mystery



Published by Nukes Top 5 on May 26, 2018 (See:  3:27 - 3:45 portion to see red ALIEN face)


The Sun Vanished Update:  The Story So Far


Published by Shenaotic on 03/04/2019 (See: 29:06, 41:00, 49:15 portions on water contamination; and 42:05-42:18 portions on ALIEN voices)


One Step Beyond Episode entitled “The Villa”


(See:  0:00-2:00 portions on strobing effect on a human)


One Step Beyond Episode entitled “The Peter Hurkos Story, Part 2” (See:  5:00 portion on strobe effect)




The Sun Vanished Is BACK - Creepy Twitter Account Returns


Published by Fantastic Daily on July 9, 2018 (See:  8:40-10:21 portions on the supposed alien scout ship flying sideways in the dark; also see 07/07/2018 Tweet at https://Twitter.com/TheSunVanished     ).





If thesunvanished@thesunvanished.com Twitter account is not a one-man hoax, a black ops project, or a promotional for a movie, then one must tackle the problem of what allows someone from either an alternate universe or the future to transmit information to our universe or our present time period, respectively speaking? 

According to physicist Howard Wiseman et al., alternate universes can overlap and even interact with each other.  And although such interactions may only be at the quantum level, Wiseman’s theory does not preclude interaction at the macro level.


For signal communication from the future to occur, such communication must be supraluminal. Up to now, certain experiments using Four-Wave Mixing have transmitted quantum data, albeit, a few disorganized quantum particles, at faster than the speed of light.  Pulses of photons from lasers are sent through a chamber (cell) filled with hot rubidium vapor.  One laser beam (seed) is injected into the chamber, while another laser beam of a different frequency (pump) is pumped into the cell.  By doing this, a third beam of photons (conjugate modes) is produced.  The pump beam acts as an amplifier to accelerate the seed pulse.  Both the amplified seed and conjugate beams of light appear to travel faster than the speed of light.  The experiment showed that the seeded pulse was supraluminal and that the generated conjugate beam of light was faster, and appeared to exit the hot rubidium chamber faster than the seed pulse took to finish entering into it, meaning it gave the appearance of leaving before entering. 


In regards to the possibility of communication from the future, such signaling would require tachyonic particles with negative mass that would allow transfer of information to become supraluminal, without violating the Einsteinian principles of relativity.  Do such tachyons exist?  They can, kind of.  Researchers used lasers to cool rubidium atoms by slowing themdown, trapping them in a bowl, and using a second laser to manipulate their spin states, subsequently letting them rush out of the bowl and achieve negative mass.  The said experiment allowed rubidium atoms to accelerate backwards. 


Supraluminal communication experiments would theoretically allow communication from the future, but that would violate the principle of causality (i.e. effect precedes cause).  However, such examples of nonlinear effects must be examined more closely. 


Does nature prohibit the phenomenon of supraluminal communication?  Or, put another way.   Are there instances in the real world or in nature where such nonlocal phenomena have ever been exhibited?  Apparently, yes.  History is full of saints who exhibited nonlocal communication from God about the future (i.e. the Prophets Daniel, Isaiah & Malachi, as well asSaint John the Revelator, Jesus Christ, Saint Anna Maria Taigi, just to name a few).  And recall, the true story of Gerald Perkins referred to above.  For there was another interesting fact from the One Step Beyond show depicting Mr. Perkin’s unexplainable premonition of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake one day before it occurred.  And it was this fact, toward the end of the show, the host, the late John Newland, revealed that AFTER the earthquake, although there were many telegram messages from San Francisco calling for any outside disaster relief such as the need for both food and medical supplies, there was one telegram calling for such relief that was received in Ogden, Utah, but four full hours BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE!   Such non-local phenomena are rarely recorded, but this one was outstanding to say the least and bears mentioning here.



Glaser, R.T., et al., Stimulated Generated of Superluminal Light Pulses via Four-Wave Mixing, Physical Review Letters 108, 173902, April 26, 2012.


Khamehchi, M.A., et al., Negative-Mass Hydrodynamics in a Spin-Orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein Condensate, Physical Review Letters 118, 155301, April 10, 2017.


One Step Beyond - Earthquake Season 2, Episode 17


(See:  Last three minutes of the show revealed that a non-local communication for earthquake relief was received four hours before occurrence of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  Electromagneti fields are generated by earthquakes via motion induction effects.  Malcolm, J.S. Johnston, Electromagnetic Fields Generated by Earthquakes, Intl Geophysics, Dec. 2002, p. 12, and it is the author’s contention that such fields can alter space-time).


Wiseman, H., et al., Quantum Phenomena Modeled by Interactions between Many Classical Worlds, Physics Review X 4, 041013, October 23, 2014.


Wiseman, H.  Bell’s theorem still reverberates, Nature, June 19, 2014.  (Article should be read by those having difficulty coping with causality in light of Bell’s Theorem, which controversially stated that “certain quantum correlations, unlike all other correlations in the Universe, cannot arise from any local cause.  The article argues for a reexamination of the definition of causality.”)





After the Sixth Seal of Revelation is opened, heavenly signs of a darkened sun, a blood red moon and fallen stars prophesied to happen right after the end of the Great Tribulation on or after September 24, 2024, which, if the author of this publication is correct, is not to be confused with a separate event involving the asteroid of Revelation 8, but rather, with a planetary sized comet referred to in vv 12-13 in Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation.  For all the disasters described in Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation such as massive deluges, hurricanes, all life in the oceans and rivers dying, earthquakes, mountains and islands disappearing, worldwide conflagration, intense heat, and numerous plagues, can only refer to one thing:  a planetary sized comet that approaches planet earth.

Planet sized comets with immense mass can exert incredibly powerful gravitational effects on other nearby bodies such as the earth, as it passes by in close proximity to such bodies.   For this reason, such comets can alter the earth’s rotational axis, resulting in deluges, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and decades of darkness.

According to Immanuel Velikovsky, in his book entitled Worlds in Collision, both the planets Venus and Mars, at different times in the earth’s long history, were originally comets that wreaked worldwide conflagrations and cataclysms as they approached the earth.  Such said comets were initially caught in earth’s orbit, before eventually escaping earth’s gravitational pull and establishing their own elliptical orbits around the sun, which continues to this day.  Is there astronomical evidence that this phenomenon could occur?  Yes, Lexell’s Comet is one great example of a comet that was trapped in the orbit of Jupiter in 1767, before escaping its gravitational pull in 1779.    (pp.  92-93).

Having said that, it is important to note here that before Venus and Mars escapedearth’s orbit and subsequently established their own respective orbits around the sun, such movements of these celestial bodies towards the earth caused a disturbance in its rotational axis, thereby resulting in a pole shift where north became south, and east became west.  These separately occurring pole shifts were physical shifts, not merely magnetic shifts. 

Once physical pole shifts occur, seasons became disordered, violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions caused massive destructions, hurricanes raged, and temperatures rose to such intense levels, oceans and rivers boiled and everything on land such as trees and all plant life burned.   According to chapter 26, vv 1-6, of the Book of Isaiah, the prophecy of the endtimes involved the world’s population burning to death, with few left alive.

According to Velikovsky, the intense heat was caused in the following way:

“With the earth disturbed in its spinning on its axis, the mechanical friction of displaced strata and magma must have set the world on fire.”  (p. 130).


As the said comets approached the earth, electrical discharges were exchanged and ocean waters rose to massive heights above the mountains causing a worldwide deluge.   (pp. 99-102).  Indeed, water levels were several miles high that had the appearance of solid walls towering above the mountains.  (pp..86-87).

Perturbations of the sun caused the appearance of stars falling.  Of course, a shower of meteorites (i.e. Leonid meteor showers) would also give the appearance of falling stars.  (pp. 235-236).

Once the tail of the comets passed above earth, large amounts of debris, including rocks, dust and gases were released into the atmosphere, causing a thick dark shroud to cover the entire planet, for a period of at least twenty-five years.  (pp.132,136-141, 165).

However, having said that, it is important to note here that during the first five to seven days of the earth’s axis being disturbed, absolute and impenetrable darkness blinded everyone on earth, where the light from fires were quickly extinguished.  (pp. 75-78, 165). 

The reason for this darkness was, according to Velikovsky, due to the intense heat that evaporated many feet of water in the oceans and rivers, producing immense amounts of water vapor that, combined with dust and gases from the passing comet’s tail, produced a dark fog that hung over the entire earth for several straight decades.  (pp.  136-137). 

The approach of Venus was estimated to have occurred around 1495 B.C. (p. 97), during the time of the biblical Exodus, while that of Mars occurred on March 23 of 687 B.C. (pp. 236, 240).

What’s notable here is the fact that Venus passed by Earth twice, the first time at the time of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, and then, fifty years later, at the time of Joshua at Jericho.  (pp. 149, 165).   It must be noted here that after the passage of the comet Venus over Egypt in 1495 B.C., forty nine out of every fifty Israelite died from the resulting plagues.  (p. 75). 

At the time of the Exodus, the comet Venus approached earth the first time, on the thirteenth day of the spring month of Aviv), just four hours before the said flight of the Israelites from Pharaoh had occurred.  (p. 157). 

As the comet’s tail had passed over earth, microorganisms carried by pressure of light had ejected onto the earth infecting the land and the people with plagues (i.e.  vermin & boils  (p. 191). 

Velikovky’s monumental work is based upon the compilation of numerous translated ancient texts from around the world.  Such ancient texts recounts how the sun and moon disappeared for several days after contact with a comet that caused deluges, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes.  Ancient texts from Peru, China, Iran, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Polynesia and other parts of the world recount similar traditions of cataclysms after being in contact with planet sized comets.  (Pp.  211-243; 164-207).

To back up his claims for pole shifts of the ancient past, Velikovsky refers to evidence in the fossil records in his book ‘Earth in Upheaval.’ At the Spring Agate Quarry in Sioux County, Nebraska, there exists a deposit of roughly 100 bones per square foot composed of a vast variety of mammals that died unnatural deaths and apparently all at once. Through some sort of catastrophe (i.e. pole shift), tens of thousands of animals were deposited in sand and then transported via water over a large distance, then smashed into a common grave. At the Kirkdale Caves in Yorkshire, England, there exists a gravel and clay deposit of undecayed hippotamus and reindeer bones, which is an unusual assortment, since the former are of an animal from the tropical Congo, while the latter are of an animal from lapland. Such remains of animals from warmer climates being found together in a cave located in colder climate England cannot be attributed to migration, but only to some sudden catastrophe, such as a pole shift.

The Calaveras skull remains, not unlike those of Indians today, along with stone mortars, pestles and other implements such as spear heads, discovered in the auriferous gravel pit of an ancient river bed located several hundred feet below the surface of Table Mountain, California, presents further compelling evidence for past pole shifts, insofar as the fact that they were found together with remains of elephants, rhinoceros, and llamas, as well as remains of extinct Mastodon animals, in a strata that would seem to suggest that it was over fifty-five million years old, when in fact, this cannot be, since the accompanying Calaveras human metatarsal bones were scientifically dated to only 4,000 years old via AAR (amino acid racemization) tests. The approximate 4,000 year old Calaveras human bone remains is in close line with Velikovsky’s assertion that the last pole shift occurred around 3,515 years ago in 1495 B.C. The point being made here is that the sudden violent land and water upheavals during the last pole shift would have produced false strata data, in that the younger strata levels would be reflective of only thousands of years, not millions of years, since the newest strata layers did not take millions of years to form, but only 3,515 years. The author is not a geologist, but logically the foregoing must be so, for it is the only way to reconcile the 4,000 year old Calaveras human metatarsal bones found under several hundred feet of basalt lava and auriferous gravel. A pole shift is the only manner in which to explain the location of the Calaveras fossil remains. How is a pole shift possible? One scientist seemed to have figured it out how it could have occurred.

Charles H. Hapgood argued that crustal displacement of the outer layer lithosphere occurred in a zigzag movement over an inner layer of liquid or tar like wave guide layer approximately 100 miles inside the athenosphere to allow a physical and magnetic pole shift to occur. Hapgood proved that a pole shift was scientifically possible, based on the fossil record, core samples, sedimentary evidence and geomagnetic data of magnetic pole shifts of the past.

Charles H. Hapgood, The Path of the Pole, Unlimited Press, Illinois, 1999, pp. 17-72.

Taylor, R.E., Payen, L.A., Slota Jr., P.J. The age of the Calaveras skull: Dating the ‘piltdown man’ of the new world. American Antiquity, 57(2), 1992, pp. 269-275.

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As discussed earlier in this work, in the village of Garabandal, Spain, the visionaries, Jacinta Gonzalez and the late Mari Loli witnessed apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1961, receiving a number of messages about the warning and miracle that would occur during the end-times. However, on both June 21st and 23rd of 1962, these same seers also experienced visions of the future chastisement on all of mankind. On that night, known famously as the ‘night of screams,’ the Marian seers experienced a vision of the future involving people screaming in terror while on fire. In a signed document presented to Mrs. Carmela Saraco, which was published in 1970 by Fernando Corteville in the 31st issue of the L’Impartial newsletter, Mari Loli described the horrific vision in the following way:

In spite of continuing to see the Virgin, (during the Nights of the Screams) we saw a great multitude of people who were suffering intensely and screaming in terror. The Blessed Virgin explained to us that this great tribulation, which was not even the Chastisement, would come because a time would arrive when the Church would appear to be on the point of perishing. It would pass through a terrible trial. We asked the Virgin what this great trial was called and she told us it was «Communism». Then she showed us how the great chastisement for all mankind would come, and that it would come directly from God.”

At a certain moment, not a single motor or machine would function; a terrible heat wave will strike the earth and men will begin to feel a great thirst. In desperation they will seek water, but this will evaporate from the heat. Then almost everyone will despair and they will seek to kill one another. But they will lose their strength and fall to the ground. Then it will be understood that it is God alone Who has permitted this.”

Then we saw a crowd in the midst of flames. The people ran to hurl themselves into the lakes and seas. But the water seemed to boil, and instead of putting out the flames, it seemed to enkindle them even more. It was so horrible that I asked the Blessed Virgin to take all the young children with her before all this happened. But the Virgin told us that by the time it came, they would all be adults.”

Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera O.F.M., She Went In Haste to the Mountain, St. Joseph Publications, Cleveland, Ohio (1965), Bk. II, chapter 7, p. 197.




When looking at the foregoing statement by the late Mari Loli, one would jump to the conclusion that such an intense heat would be the result of some conflagration caused by a nuclear war between the West and Communist Russia/China. But this is not the case, for although the great chastisement of the end-times involves both a World War and a fiery comet, this scenario appears to be caused solely by a comet the size of a planet! Velikovsky’s work holds the key to the cause of this intense heat as we shall see.

Now note very carefully that the vision of the Night of Screams in the Garabandal Prophecy is incredibly similar to Velikovsky’s scholarly account of past events experienced by various peoples in countries like Iran, Canada and the United States. Based upon such said historical accounts compiled in ‘Worlds in Collision,’ Velikovsky theorized that several thousand years ago, immense gravitational effects of a passing planetary sized comet was exerted upon the earth in the following manner:

TWO CELESTIAL BODIES were driven near to each other. The interior of the terrestrial globe pushed toward the exterior. The earth, disturbed in its rotation, developed heat. The land surface became hot. Various sources of many peoples describe the melting of the earth’s surface and the boiling of the sea.’

According to Iranian historical sources: ‘. . .The steamed, and even the bottom of the sea boiled here and there. “The sea boiled, all the shores of the ocean boiled, all the middle of it boiled,” says the Zend-Avesta. The star Tistrya made the sea boil.’

And ‘. .The traditions of the Indians retain the memory of this boiling of the water in river and sea. The tribes of British Columbia tell: “Great clouds appeared . . .such a great heat came, that finally the water boiled. People jumped into the streams and lakes to cool themselves, and died.” On the North Pacific coast of America the tribes insist that the ocean boiled: “It grew very hot . . .many animals jumped into the water to save themselves, but the water began to boil.” The Indians of the Southern Ute tribe in Colorado record in their legends that the rivers boiled.’

Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision (1950), ibidem, pp. 91-92.


For further clues as to the cause of this impending great heat wave of the Great Tribulation, we must also refer again to the Bayside Prophecies, in which the heavenly Directive of 08/14/73 states the following:

The sky is very red and dusty. There’s like a very big explosion. The explosion—it’s like, almost like a bomb being dropped. But there’s no wrenching of bodies, but there’s tremendous heat. I’m watching this tremendous heat. The globe now is appearing again. It’s spinning, I think it’s the globe. And it’s trailing a long tail. It has gases. I know they’re gases, because there is a terrible smell. The smell is so—[Veronica coughs.]

Virgin Mary’s Bayside Prophecies, vol. I, 1970-1973, These Last Days Ministeries, Inc. Lowell, Michigan, 2002.


And the aforesaid Velikovsky theory and Bayside Prophecy on the intense heat is supported by the Book of Revelation 16:9, where we find the following:

And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God, who hath power over these plagues, neither did they penance to give him glory.” (Douay-Rheims Bible)





Although the return of Jesus Christ occurs after the Great Tribulation ends on September 24, 2024, the said second coming of the Messiah is still preceded by a deluge. Because we know, based on historical precedent provided by Immanuel Velikovsky, that past deluges were caused by passing planet sized comets that shifted the earth’s axis, then it can be assumed that the next deluge described in the Book of Matthew must also be caused by another passing comet. How do we know another deluge is coming? For that answer, we must primarily refer to scripture.

According to the Book of Revelation, 8:8-9, a bolide is clearly described in the following manner:

The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea, a third of the sea turned to blood, a third of the living creatures died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.”


And according to Chapter 24, verse 37 of the Book of Matthew, we discover the following:

For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man.  (ESV).


From the New Testament we now know that an extinction level event is coming upon the world in the form of a comet that has wiped out previous civilizations. Everyone must take this information very seriously. Having said that, we must also continue to compare scripture with both the aforesaid information provided in Immanuel Velikovsky’s said work and with the Bayside Prophecies below in order to understand what mankind will be facing soon.






Velikovsky’s theories about pole shifts caused by passing planet sized comets that result in cataclysms and the darkening of the sun and moon are supported by scripture.  Indeed, in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 13, verse 10, it states the following:


The stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light:  the sun shall be darkened in his beingforth [in the forenoon], and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.


In the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 13, verse 13, it states that God

will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and of the day of his fierce anger.



In verse 13 of the 17th Chapter of Isaiah, it states that the nations


shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.





In Chapter 24, vv 1, 6 of the Book of Isaiah, it states the following:


… the Lord  …maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down.  …the inhabitants of the earth burned, and few men are left.






According to Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, once High Lama of Potala in Lhasa, of the Chakpori Lamasery, the Temple of Tibetan medicine, there was a secret cavern, only allowed to senior Lamas and initiates, that housed three coffins of three dead giants, one ten foot tall female and two fifteen foot tall males, where all three bodies were lacquered inside and out, as well as gold layered, and with coffin lids revealing engravings of the stars that were different than the ones he was familiar with.  Indeed, he goes on to state in his autobiography the following: 


“I saw a coffin-lid to one side:  on it was engraved a map of the heavens – but how strange the stars appeared.  My studies in astrology had made me quite familiar with the heavens at nigh:  but this was very, very different.”  (p. 204). 


Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, The Third Eye, Ballantine Books, New York, 1964, pp. 197-199, 204.




Similarly, in the Egyptian tomb of Senmut, dating to the time following the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt, but before the days of the biblical patriarchs Isaiah and Amos, there were paintings on the ceiling that showed the star charts of the heavens.  Such star charts revealed reversed orientations of the constellations, especially that of the Orion and Sirius constellations, where Orion appeared west of Sirius, when it is presently east of it.  On the first star chart, west and east are reversed, while on the second star chart, west and east are not reversed.  What this suggests is that on the second painted chart in the said tomb, the stars are depicted the way the Egyptians had perceived it after the cataclysm resulting in the pole shift, while the first star chart proves what the Egyptians had seen in the heavens before the pole shift.


A. Pogo,The Astronomical Ceiling Decoration in the Tomb of Senmut (XVIII Dynasty), ISIS (1930), pp.  306, 315-316,, as cited by I. Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision, Paradigm Ltd., 2009, p. 120;

A. Pogo, Astronomieegyptienne du Tombeau de Senmout, Croniqued’Egypte, 1931, as cited by I. Velikovsky, Ibidem, p. 311.


Tuesday Lobsang Rampa attributed the aforesaid reversed orientations of the star constellations to a planet sized comet that not only forced the Earth out of its orbit around the sun thousands of years ago, but also reversed it’s rotational axis. Such an ancient event involving “different gravitational pulls” not only caused massive volcanic eruptions, but also huge upheavals in both land and sea, which resulted in Tibet rising 12,000 feet above sea level. Proof that Tibet had once been situated along the shores of the sea exists to this day in the form of numerous fossil remains of marine life scattered along the Chang Tang Highlands.

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, The Third Eye, ibidem, at pp. 180, 205-206.





After the aforesaid pole shift during the Exodus, seasons changed, and hence, a new time, or rather, a new calendar was required.  Indeed, after a new calendar was instituted, it is said in the Midrashimthat Moses had trouble comprehending it.  This confusion would be understandable if one had to contend with the spring month (time of the Exodus) shifting to the start of the year as described in chapter 12, verse 2 of the Book of Exodus.

Leket Midrashim 2a





As previously discussed, the late Veronica Lueken of Bayside New York, received a series of messages from Heaven that revealed detailed messages about the endtimes,, especially about bolides causing great destruction that can only be described as quivalent to the description of the disasters provided in both the Book of Exodus and the Book of Revelation.  

Based upon the Exodus account, it appears that the comet caused a physical pole shift that altered the time calculation of the Israelites,   Such an account is remarkably similar to what the Heaven sent messages to Veronica Lueken were saying about what the Ball of Chastisement or comet would do to the United States and the entire world after it arrives.  Indeed, the Directive given in 12/24/71 stated the following:

The messages of the past given from these hallowed grounds must reach the world now, you can now infuse the new year of your earth time; prepare for the many trials ahead of your land. . . .The war is on – the battle of the spirits – you must decide your side. . . .there is only good or evil.  You cannot serve both.  Your decision must be made now.  Time grows short, the new time of times is developing, before the return of Jesus.  Soon you will be cleansed by the baptism of fire.  Man must repent of his ways now.  Pray for the Light.


The prophesied arrival of the Ball of Chastisement or comet will undoubtedly cause climactic changes due to the pole shift.  According to the message given by Jesus to Veronica Lueken on 12/27/75, changes in climate will be seen everywhere on earth.  Many will die due to climactic changes caused by the comet, whereby areas that have never experienced freezing weather and other areas that have never experience extreme heat will eventually experience it.


And according to the message given by the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken on 02/10/1973, a comet will pass over New York and the rest of the United States.  Veronica Lueken related the prophecy as follows: 

Now Our Lady is pointing over  . . .over on the right side there’s a large globe.  Now out in the sky I see . . .it’s a ball . . .it looks like the sun, but, no, it’s trailing . . .it’s spinning very fast across the sky.  And it has streamers of fire coming out from behind it.  And it’s twirling so fast.  Oh, and the heat . . .it’s very intense.

Now one of the tails has hit . . .oh!  Oh!  I see. . .I . . .I see cities now.  There’s a great fire.  And all the lights . . .there’s no electricity . . .all the lights have gone out.  And people are running and trying to find candles.  But the air has become stagnant.  And there seems to be no oxygen.  And they can’t light the candles.  It’s very, very dark. 

Now this ball, it’s swinging . . .it seems to be . . .it’s going very fast through the sky.  And as it passes over, there are great particles of dust.

People standing out in it . . .they’re . . .they . . .they can’t can’t breathe.  It’s choking.  It’s like dirt falling from the sky.  Now . . .now there are large rocks.  And . . .and . . .oh!  Oh, some of them are falling on the people.  The buildings have . . .some of the buildings have fallen, and the people are running away.  But there’s no place to run because now there’s . . .the waves have started to rise very, very high. 

And oh, the waves are now ten ..twelve feet high, and they’re pulling into the land!  And I can see now . . I see part of . . .oh!  Oh!  New York.  Oh!  Oh!  Now the comet is swinging over.  It’s . . .it’s . . .it’s not just New York.  It covers the whole land. . . .



Information purportedly from Jesus to Veronica revealed that the comet will cause an immense fiery deluge.  See Directive given on 07/01/85 that states the following:

I see people fleeing, their clothes are ragged.  It seems as though they had been hit by some kind of shrapnel, or something that’s tearing the clothes off their bodies.  But the worst part of all is that beyond the roads I see bodies, dead bodies strewn all over, in the streets, through the houses, in the lots.  And I see the waters aflame.  And I see waters churning and churning, and rising higher and higher, as they wash onto the shores that border the seas.  . . .in the great Chastisement a ball of fire shall fall into the waters killing all that is living in the seas.  And also, unfortunately, because they could not listen and change their ways, many will die from the flames and also from the waters.  Those living along the coastlines, We caution them to keep a sacrament and a crucifix upon their doors, for the angel of death shall not enter your home.



And on 09/14/85, further information about the ball of chastisement (comet) was given as follows: 

I see a ball.  It’s a horrible ball.  It’s red and white, and it’s traveling very fast through the atmosphere.  I have such a feeling of fright that I think I shall fall over.  It’s frightening.  It has a long tail.  And this is huge, this ball is huge.  It’s starting to cover the whole sky.  It’s orange and it’s white, and there is something – Our Lady is pointing, She’s letting us know that She’s there by the trees – not to be affrighted at what I see.  But there are streams of molten lava coming out of this ball and sending what appears to be meteors down into the waters and the seas.  And I see the seas and the waters burning – burning! . . .the actual burning!  Water burning, this is almost impossible, Our Lady!


On 05/30/74, a message from Archangel Michael given to Veronica Luekin reads as follows:

Wars, famine, flood, cataclysms, and the Ball of Redemption, know that in this order man shall be cleansed.


On 07/15/77 the following message was given to Veronica Lueken:

My children, you must not question the ways of the Eternal Father.  He has a plan for every life He has set upon your earth.  Because of the major role the city of New York and San Francisco of California have played for the debauchment of souls, a great punishment shall be meted to them.  And this is given in the light of true charity and mercy of heart of the Eternal Father that this too can be avoided or lessened by your reaction and your action in the face of this warning.


On 12/30/72, Veronica describes how the comet’s tail hits the earth:

Oh, oh!  There it is – there’s – there’s a big thing.  It looks like a ball.  It’s, it’s all red, and it’s, it’s shooting fire.  I can – I can feel the heat of it.  It’s shooting:  fire in every direction.  And now it’s coming around, and it’s coming closer.  And it’s hit!  It’s hit!  And I see – it’s like, I don’t know, it’s like everything is crumbling.  The buildings are crumbling.  And I hear people screaming.  And everything is growing very dark, very dark.  Oh, oh!  It’s so – it looks as though even the world itself has stood, is standing still, no longer turning.  There’s no light!

The people are running.  They’re running, but they are, they are in darkness.  They don’t know in which direction to run.  But there – there’s a house.  It has a candle, but they’re acting like animals.  And they’re trying to get into the house, and there’s another one that has a candle, but the windows are boarded.  They won’t open the doors.  And now there are great, great pieces of rock, and they are falling down on the people on the streets.  And everywhere I see, there’s blood, and people crying for mercy.  And I look, and there are about sixty bodies on the ground. . . .



According to the heaven sent messages to Veronica Lueken on 02/10/73, the Chastisements will affect two parts of the world, the United States, and Western Europe.  This was the reason why the late Pope John Paul II, told the journalists of Stimmesdes Glaubens in October of 1981 that the Vatican decided not to reveal the Third Secret of Fatima in 1960, for they feared that since the bolide disaster foretold in the said secret would primarily destroy countries in the Western Hemisphere in a way that only an invading army would be able to accomplish, that such information would only serve to embolden Russia politically and militarily allowing them to exploit such foretold disasters to their own advantage.  With that said, all the messages seems to suggest that the comet will primarily affect the United States, and to a certain extent, Western Europe, but that Western Europe will primarily bear the brunt of World War III.  (See:  Directive given on 04/05/75).






The venerable Saint Anna Maria Taigi, of Siena, Italy, who lived from 1769- 1837, was unusual in her predictions, for she would see a floating luminous disc four feet from her, which she referred to as the sun, and in it, she learned how to cure sick individuals, she saw both the future and the past, as well as the state of souls, and where they would end up after death.  But on occasion, Saint Anna MariaTaigi also saw what appeared to be the Ball of Chastisement wreaking destruction on the earth in the future.  She described this bolide as a black globe that caught on fire while flying in the air that covered the earth with a dense smoke, plunging the earth in darkness* for three consecutive days accompanied by the “falling of walls and beams, as if a great building had crumbled into ruins.”  It is important to note here that according to Saint Taigi, nothing could penetrate this “supernatural darkness” except “blessed candles.”


*The late Veronica Lueken also stated that the Virgin Mary communicated to her that the world “will be plunged into darkness” before the great chastisement. (Directives of March 25, 1973 & June 8, 1973).



During this dense darkness, all enemies of the Catholic Church, both known and secret, shall be destroyed, except those whom God chooses to convert.  Demons, of various forms, will roam the earth.  If true, then it can be safe to say that one should neither go outside nor peer outside one's windows nor let anyone inside their homes during this entire period of darkness.

Saint Taigi’s prophecy of the three days of darkness is eerily similar to the periods of darkness suffered by past civilizations. Indeed, according to Velikovsky’s scholarly translation of various ancient texts from around the world, a planetary sized comet passed through our solar system thousands of years ago and disrupted the earth’s axis to such an extent, that during the first five to seven days of the earth’s axis being disturbed, absolute and impenetrable darkness blinded everyone on earth, where the light from fires were quickly extinguished.


Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision, Paradigma, Ltd, 2009, pp. 75-78, 165.

Saint Taigi also predicted the following:


After the darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul shall descend to preach throughout the earth.  A great light emanating from them shall rest upon him whom God has chosen for the future Pope.  …St. Michael, appearing on earth, shall chain up Satan until the times of the preaching of Antichrist.  Religion will everywhere extend its empire.  Russia will be converted, as well also England and China; and all nations will rejoice in contemplating this splendid triumph of the Church.  Then will be accomplished the prophecy of our Lord:  ‘There shall be one fold and one shepherd.’  After this, the Santa Casa of Loreto will be transported by angels to Rome to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Howard Healy Thompson, The Life of the Venerable Anna Maria Taigi, Burns and Oates, London, 1873, reprinted by Andesite Press, pp. 238-239, 314-315, 397-398.


Apparently, what Saint Anna Maria Taigi referred to in her visions was a comet that appears strikingly similar to the comet described by Immanuel Velikovsky above.  But while Velikovsky referred to a comet that passed by earth during the times of Moses (see:  Exodus 10:21-22), Saint Anna Maria Taigi prophesied about an event yet future (see:  Revelation 6:12).





The blessed Marie-Julie Jahenny, was born to peasant Christian parents on February 12, 1850 in Coyault, Blain, in the Western part of France. As a stigmatist, she was known to miraculously abstain from eating any food, except Holy Communion, anywhere from several months on some occasions, to several years. However, what she was most famous for was her numerous prophecies about the end times, most especially the three days of darkness prior to the Great Chastisement of God. Through Saint Jahenny’s visions of both Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, she was able to provide dire information about the time period preceding the Day of the Lord.

What is most interesting about the prophecy of Saint Jahenny is that it describes future events that serve as indicators for when the cataclysms of the end times will occur. Her prophecies center on the destruction of Paris, France, for it will be the FIRST major event that occurs prior to the Great Chastisement of God where three-quarters of the world’s population will perish.

The prophecy of Jahenny is provided in parts, represented as ecstasies occurring on certain dates of her life. Her prophecy is as follows:

1) Four hours of darkness in Brittany, France from 12pm to 4pm (Ecstasy of October 5, 1882);

2) Two Days and Nights of Darkness - unusual storms will occur, purple/red sky will manifest, and massacres will abound (Ecstasy of December 23, 1881), blessed candles composed of 100% wax will not only pierce the darkness, but will also protect against demons (Ecstasy of December 8, 1882), start of a series of earthquakes that lasts for Forty-Three Days (Ecstasy of September 29, 1879, March 15, 1882, & October 17, 1883);

3) Thirty-Seven Days follow the Two Days of Darkness (Ecstasy of November 28, 1881);

4) Events of the Thirty-Seven Days Period – signs in the sky (Ecstasy of December 18, 1874), the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (June) and his blood (July) will serve as a signal of the start of God’s punishment (Ecstasy of April 27, 1877), civil war with the rising of plagues of red raw skin that Saint Jahenny stated could be treated by Hawthorne leaves boiled for 14 minutes taken 3xDay (Ecstasy of April 20, 1882); war chastisements of clergy begin in Paris, but spread to Rome where it will be worse (Ecstasy of December 8, 1874), churches close and are desecrated (Ecstasy of October 25, 1881), Paris is destroyed (Ecstasy of April 27, 1877; August 9, 1881; November 28, 1881 & November 16, 1882; ), half of the population in France is killed (Ecstasy of September 16, 1904), apostasy in the church (Ecstasy of June 28, 1880, October 25, 1881, October 26, 1882, & January 4, 1884), Holy Mass prohibited coupled with loss of the faith (Ecstasy of June 3, 1880), masons temporarily successful in abolishing Holy Mass (Ecstasy of September 29, 1878), rise of a false religion devoted to Mohamed forced upon the people where many bishops join (Ecstasy of June 9, 1881), massacres resulting in martyrdom (Ecstasy of August 10, 1880 & October 11, 1904), many priests turn to evil providing false sacraments and preaching false doctrines (Ecstasy of October 25, 1881, October 26, 1882, October 17, 1883, & May 10, 1904), Holy Hosts of the sacrament will be profaned and thrown out onto the mud (Ecstasy of October 17, 1883), apostate schism between the Churches in France and Rome will develop (Ecstasy of October 26, 1882), the complete overthrow of the Catholic Church (Ecstasy of January 5, 1904), and conspiracy of freemasons in the priesthood invent and introduce a new mass*** that is an abomination to God (Ecstasy of November 27, 1902).

Once 37 days have completed, the three days of darkness of the Great Chastisement begins.



***NOTE:  According to the prophecies of Saints Jahenny and Anna Maria Taigi, as well as the late Veronica Lueken, dark souled freemasons infiltrated the Christian church hierarchy in order to destroy it from within.  Jahenny's prophecy in 1902 of the freemasons introduction of a black mass into the Christian church during the end-times has already taken shape.  Indeed, one individual claimed to have already taken part in such a 'Black Mass' or 'Black Communion' while a Mason.   According to former 33rd degree member and Knight Commander of the Masons, Jim D. Shaw, freemasonry not only advocates the outright denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ, but also the promotion of Qabalistic (Cabalistic) mysticism and Egyptian Paganism, as well as encourages the outrageous treatment of the Holy Bible as merely another piece of furniture!


Shaw, Jim D., McKenney, Tom C.  The Deadly Deception:  Freemasonry Exposed ...By One of its Top Leaders, Huntington House, Inc., Louisiana, 1988, pp. 104-109, 126-145, 150-158.


Stevens, Selwyn. Unmasking Freemasonry – Removing the Hoodwink, Jubilee Resource International Inc., New Zealand (also see: https://jubileeresources.org/pages/freemasonry ).


Also see:

Shimura, Greg.  Age of Deceit:  Fallen Angels and the New World Order






5) The Three Days And Two Nights of Darkness Commence on Thursday, Friday and Saturday(Ecstasy of September 20, 1882, January 4 1884 & September 4, 1904) – massively powerful storms filled with thunder and lightning, demons appear in hideous forms, reddish colored clouds fill the sky, fire will burn in the sky, intense heat, deluge over continents, punishments will be shared by all and will succeed one another without interruption, 75% of the world’s population will perish due to unrelenting massive earthquakes, plagues, famines, strange weather, cyclones, and deluges, the earth becomes a vast cemetery. Anyone who peers out their windows or is found outside their shelter will die instantly (September 8, 1882 & December 8, 1882), and the series of earthquakes ends thereafter.

Marquis de la Franquerie, Marie-Julie Jahenny: The Breton Stigmatist, 1941, pp. 44-50.

Marquis de la Franquerie, Marie-Julie Jahenny: The Breton Stigmatist, 2015 Updates, Keep It Catholic, 2015.

Prophecies of La Fraudais: Disasters to Befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World, World Trends – 47b, Part I, July 1976.

Prophecies of La Fraudais: Disasters to Befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World, World Trends – 48b, Part II, July 1976.

Prophecies of La Fraudais: Disasters to Befall the Church, France, Europe, and the World, World Trends – 49b, Part III, 1977.






If a pole shift were to occur due to a passing comet of immense size and mass, and the resulting intense heat from such a comet were to evaporate many feet of ocean water worldwide, would that not mean, that another ice age or semi-ice age would begin?  According to Immanuel Velikovsky, he thought so.  According to Velikovsky, ice ages, affecting the greater part of North America and Europe, but not the northern regions of Asia, occurred in the distant past of earth’s history for the following reasons:

In order for ice masses to have formed, increased precipitation must have taken place.  This requires an increased amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, which is the result of increased evaporation from the surface of oceans, but this could be caused by heat only.  A number of scientists pointed out this fact, and even calculated that in order to produce a sheet of ice as large as that of the Ice Age, the surface of all the oceans must have evaporated at a depth of many feet.  Such an evaporation of oceans followed by a quick process of freezing, even in moderate latitudes, would have produced the ice ages.

Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds In Collision, Doubleday & Company, Inc., New York, 1950, pp. 22-23.



Heavenly entities appear to be warning of some coming ice age, but never revealed what the duration of such a cold period would be.  Nonetheless, according to Bayside Prophecy Directive given on 10/05/85, Jesus told the late Veronica Lueken the following:

. . .Do not be afeared, My child; retain your crucifix on your doors.  And keep your supply of earthly goods, though they are needed for your human body; the canned food, the candles, the water, and the blankets.  A sudden cold shall come upon mankind and many shall die from the cold.


Although a comet’s induced pole shift of the earth would arguably cause a period of cold weather, a pole shift is not necessary to cause such a deep freeze from occurring in North America and Europe.  Indeed, according to author Whitley Strieber, an unknown and mysterious individual warned him of another ice age that would be caused by the effects of greenhouse gases.  Strieber relates what such a compelling individual told him in the following way:

Warmth being retained near the surface by greenhouse elements, results in cooling aloft.  A massive and extremely powerful convection can arise that results in a storm so great that it changes the climate permanently.   . . .The next ice age will begin soon, an this will lead to the extinction of mankind, or to a massive reduction in population, given your inability to expand off the planet.  This planet is a death trap.  . . .Because air at the surface is getting warmer, the north polar ice is melting, reducing the salinity of the Laurentian sea.  At some point, winds crossing this sea due to the increasing difference between lower and higher atmospheric pressures will warm the northern ocean so much that the temperature differential needed to pump the North Atlantic Current will not be sufficient, and the current will slow down, stop, or stop flowing so far north.  This same mechanism always triggers ice ages, and would happen within a few thousand years no matter what.  However, human activity has sped up the process of atmospheric warming, so the change will be sooner and stronger.  The greater part of human industry and culture, along with the species’ most educated populations, will be destroyed in a single season.  This will happen suddenly and without warning, or rather, the warning will not be recognized for what it is. 

How will it be?  First, the surface features of the currents will slow down.  This will result in violent storms across in Europe.  At some point, arctic temperatures will rise forty or more points above normal during a spring or summer season.  Then the currents themselves will change their routes or stop.  Cold air trapped above the arctic will plunge down and collide with the warm tropical air present at the surface.  It will create the most powerful storms in ten thousand years, storms unlike any you have seen or imagined.  They will bring about the end of the northern civilization and the climate change that follows will lead to the starvation of billions.

Whitley Strieber, The Key:  A True Encounter, Archer Penguin, New York, 2011, pp.  131-133.




The Directive given on June 13, 1981 by the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken is puzzling in that she seems to differentiate the cataclysm caused by the Great Ball of Chastisement as being greater than the cataclysms caused by a less than great chastisements.  The said Directive states the following:

In the coming cataclysm – I do not refer, My child, to a minor warning.  I refer to a great minor chastisement for your nation – many will die.  The good- some good will die also, but they will be martyred for their faith.


What is meant by this?  What is meant by a great “minor” chastisement?  A conventional worldwar as opposed to a nuclear one?  An asteroid or meteorite, instead of a larger comet?  Although it can be argued here that martyrs are not created by dying from an asteroid or comet disaster, but rather from persecutions during a war, et cetera.  Or perhaps, it deals with those who know they are in harmsway,but stay in that location anyway due to their faith and extenuating circumstances.  Nonetheless, more clarification from Heaven is needed here.




The prophet Joel in the Old Testament prophesied in the endtimes that the following would occur: 

I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh:  and your sons and your daughters shall prophecy.  And your old men will dream dreams. . .

Book of Joel, 2:28 (D-R)


There appears to quite a few families in the United States  and around the world that have claimed to have children that have fulfilled the prophecy of Joel.  Indeed, the most believable child that has claimed to prophecy is a girl known as Lily of the United States who claims to have seen the dimensional door leading to Heaven on her bedroom ceiling where God (Abba in Hebrew) resides.   She claimed that at the age of two years old, that she saw God and repeatedly exclaimed the following: 

Abba up! 

The King is coming.

The King is coming.


As Lily got older, she had claimed to have seen the asteroid heading toward earth and that it will break into three separate chunks. 

Lily Abba Up Prophetic Child Draws Asteroid From Vision (Part 2)



Abba Up!  Toddler Says ‘The King Is Coming!  (Must Watch)



Genevieve Brazel’s 9-year old daughter, Savannah, from Australia had rapture visions from Jesus. According to the child’s testimony, Jesus told her to warn everyone that He is coming back soon. And when he does, she goes on to say that there will be the ‘Rapture’ taking many people to Heaven right after a big earthquake where millions will die. Trumpet precedes rapture.







Pastor Carl Gallups also had a dream-like vision of being swept up in the Rapture. The author shared the same dream of Pastor Gallups and remembers it vaguely, but unlike him, there is no posted Youtube video on this. Without visual input, the author first experienced being outside hearing the sounds and voices of the big city, and then via an angel in a chariot was swept into what appeared to be a flowery and colourful heavenly location. But unlike Pastor Carl Gallups, the author heard no voice exclaiming “all this is yours!”


This Pastor Saw The Rapture (2019)


Published April 14, 2019 by End Times Productions





Having shared the same dream as Pastor Gallups, the author wonders how many other people have shared a similar dream or vision of the said rapture? If many people have shared this same dream, then the author cautiously maintains that this experience was no dream, but rather, a divine message that we are indeed in the era of the apocalypse and that certain Christians are being spiritually prepared for it. The author admits that this is a bold claim, but no more so than what the rest of this blog has already presented thus far.


However, having said that, is there any basis to even believe in a supernatural rapture? Perhaps there is. In the Old Testament, there is mention of two prophets, namely Enoch and Elijah, who were both swept up into heaven without ever tasting death. Indeed, in the 4 Book of Kings 2:2, 11-12 (1609 Douay Rheims Version), rapture of the prophet Elijah (Elias in other translations) is described in the following manner:


"And it came to pass, when the Lord would take up Elias into Heaven by a whirlwind, that Elias and Eliseus were going from Galgal. . . ."


"And as they went on, walking and talking together, behold a fiery chariot, and fiery horses parted them both asunder: and Elias went up by a whirlwind into heaven. And Eliseus saw him, and cried: My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the driver thereof. And he saw him no more . . ."



For comparison, let us look at the modern King James Version, where 2 Book of Kings 2:2, 11-12 states the following:


"When the Lord was about to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind, Elijah and Elisha were on their way from Gilgal. . ."


"As theywere walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind. Elisha saw this and cried out, “My father! My father! The chariots and horsemen of Israel!” And Elisha saw him no more."



Likewise, rapture of the Prophet Enoch (Henoch in the 1609 Douay Rheims Version) is described in the Book of Genesis 5:23-24 in the following manner:


"And all the days of Henoch were three hundred and sixty-five years. And he walked with God, and was seen no more: because God took him."



Based upon the foregoing, perhaps it is wise to ponder the end times and the rapture a bit more deeply, for there may very well be some basis for the fanciful notions of the bible belt protestants in the Southern part of the United States after all.


And incidentally, the author also had what could be considered another dream, but wasn’t a dream.  It was more like a vision of sorts, while the author was in bed for a short time after a bathroom break in the afternoon.  The vision was of a bunch of handless clocks attached to the ends of long, clear, multi-colored transparent plastic tubes emanating from out of the bedroom ceiling.  Accompanying this vision was the sound of a loud clock ticking at normal time intervals or rather, like a Seth Thomas Metronome.  At the time, the author thought it was unusual, but didn’t think much of it.  See below for an illustration of what the author saw:







But upon reflection, this vision obviously meant something. 

According to the annals of the Christian faith, it is very rare for clocks to be associated with heaven. But in the case of Saint Peter Nolasco of Spain, “an enormous clock” with the image of the Virgin Mary on it fell from the sky in the form of a falling star. The location of where the star landed was where the said clock was found, and subsequently, where the church of Saint Mary del Puche was built.


Charles, Rodney, Everyday a Miracle Happens: A Collection of Miracles From Around the World, Sunstar Publishing Ltd., Fairfield, Iowa, 1994, p. 65.



However, in the case of the author’s vision, clocks obviously served a different meaning. Indeed, for it appears that handless clocks represents that there is no longer any time left. No longer any time left for what though? Perhaps, no more time to prepare for the great ball of chastisement and God’s coming judgment. For in the Bayside Prophecies, a message regarding the running out of time was mentioned. Indeed, in the Directive of 04/21/73, on the eve of Easter Sunday, the Virgin Mary purportedly told the late seer, Veronica Lueken, the following:

"I can now remove my dark scarf and put on the colors of the Resurrection, because it is almost the hour of twelve."


And in the Directive of July 1, 1973, a full forty-seven years ago, a sense of dire urgency was mentioned in the following manner:


VERONICA – Now he’s pointing up to the sky, and written in the sky is the word “WARNING”: W-A-R-N-I-N-G Now he’s – Michael is going like this, and the letters are disappearing. Now he’s writing with his finger: S-O-O-N.’

OUR LADY – “The time grows short, My child. Make great haste! Shout from the rooftops! The warning from Heaven must go throughout the world. The time grows short.” ’


OUR LADY - “My beads of prayer, your acts of penance and atonement. You must open your hearts now to the truth. Your days are counted. The penance planned by the Father is heavy. The Ball has already been sent upon its way. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer.” ’


VERONICA– Now I see a clock. It’s a very large clock. Oh, it’s appearing across the whole sky. And now across the clock, the face of the clock, like sort of a metronome, there is like a rod, a reed or something. It looks like a stick, and it’s going back and forth. It’s like ticking. Just as though – it sounds almost like the ticking of – I don’t know, just like a bomb or something. I don’t know. It’s ticking: tick, tick, tick, tick. And above it now I see a large light. It seems to be coming from the trees, and hitting onto the eagle of the flagpole. And in the light – in the light, there is a sword, a very large sword in the sky. Oh, and next to the sword there is an hourglass. The hourglass is covering the whole sky. Oh, but the hourglass looks like it’s filled with blood. Oh, not sand, but blood. And it’s dripping onto the hourglass slowly, drop by drop. . . .”


OUR LADY - “I have given you your armor. I have made known to you what lies ahead. Prepare yourselves now. You have been warned” ’

JESUS – “Watch and guide your life by these words.” ’

VERONICA – “WARNING”: W-A-R-N-I-NG. “PREPARE NOW. CLEANSE YOUR SOULS OF ALL SIN, MORTAL AND VENIAL.” . . .And it’s – and Jesus now is taking His hand, and He’s going like this, and it’s underlining the word “NOW,” like this. It’s put a whole line across the word “NOW.” Now it’s all beginning to like evaporate.’




The apparent heaven sent messages previously discussed seem to emphasize a way out of this horrible future by recommending that mankind perform the following immediately:  “Penance, atonement and sacrifice.”  (Directives given on 09/28/71 and 08/05/78).   It was also recommended by the Heavenly entities that the Ten Commandments of God be reinstated in all homes and schools, as well as the United States government.  (Directive given on 11/24/73). See below for further remedies.






Based upon all of the foregoing text written within this blog, the author of this blog is willing to conclude the following possibilities:


1)      Tribulation started on September 24, 2017;


2)      Economic Collapse (perhaps end of 2019);


3)      World War III (perhaps in 2019 or 2020); 


4)      Great Earthquake of San Francisco (perhaps 2020 or by April 2021);


5)      Great Tribulation starts in March of 2021;


6)      Warning from God (HAPPENED AFTER 3:00 PM PST on May 6, 2019);


7)      Miracle in the Pines of Garabandal (perhaps on April 9, 2020); 


8)      Asteroid  or the Great “minor” Chastisement (perhaps on Sept. 19, 2022);


9)      Oumuamua mother ship arrives between the sun and the earth (perhaps in 2023);


10)    Four Hours of Darkness ONLY over Brittany, France and start of 43-Day period of earthquakes (2023 or 2024);



11)    Initial 2-Days/2-Nights of Darkness over the entire earth (2023 or 2024);



12)    After 2-Days/2-Nights of Darkness, French Civil War erupts (MAJOR SIGNAL FOR THE START OF THE GREAT CHASTISEMENT) resulting in 37-Days of massacres, destruction of Paris, fires, and half the French population perishing, et cetera (2023 or 2024); NOTE37-Days separates the 2-Days of Darkness and 3-Days of Darkness;



13)    Ball of Chastisement (Planet sized comet approaches earth causing a pole shift which results in 3-Days/2-Nights of Darkness and a deluge not seen since the time of Noah; moreover, 43-day period of earthquakes ends (Immediately on or after September 24, 2023 or 2024);


14)    Second Coming of Jesus Christ & Judgment Day (on or after September 24, 2024).


Will these fourteen primary apocalyptic events occur?  Who knows?  For who can second guess God on the issue of the endtimes?  For everyone who has tried for the last 2000 years, fell flat on their faces in humiliation.  But it wasn’t for lack of trying or for lack of passion or for that matter, for lack of brains?  Indeed, the reason for previous mistaken apocalyptic predictionsby others was simply this:  it just wasn’t their time to know and live through the apocalypse.  So what gives the author of this publication the slightest notion that the said events of the apocalypse will occur during the lifetime of today’s generation?  Believe it or not, statistical sports history will provide the answer. 


So what can the history of sports tell us after the 15 year winning streak of American professional teams named after Christian saints and angels?  It can tell us plenty.  Indeed, for before the said streak, there was already a stat that bears mentioning, but that most, if not all, sports enthusiasts had missed.  And what is the stat I am referring to? 


Well, let’s start off with the fact that in 2018, the Boston Red Sox (aka Saint Botolf’s Stone Red Sox) won against the Los Angeles Dodgers (aka The City of Angels Dodgers) to win the World Series Championship.  The said championship occurred months after the author’s announcement that the 7-year tribulation period of the Book of Revelation started after September 23, 2017, based upon the previously discussed star charts.  If the author, meaning myself, is correct, then a series of disasters should occur sometime after September 23, 2017, and most especially after October of 2018, the month and year of the World Series championship won by a team named after a saint over a team named after the angels. For it is said, that the saints are higher ranked than the angels of heaven.  Now recall that it was for this reason that God ordered the archangel Lucifer to serve man, namely Adam, which he refused to do., as the biblical story goes.  


Any individual who happens to read this publication of the author, probably wouldn’t believe all of the aforesaid?  But one must remember, there is historical precedent to the 2018 World Series championship.  Indeed, the Boston Red Sox encountered the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series Championship ONLY just one time before.  When, you say?  Well, about 113 years before 2018, way back in 1916, the Boston Red Sox met the Dodgers in the World Series and defeated them.  Although this stat is interesting to sports aficionados and historians, it’s what happened after that championship that iseven more eye popping andamazing.  After the 1916 World Series Championship won by the Boston Red Sox, the following historical events had occurred:


1)      World War I started on April 2, 1917;


2)      Russian Communist Revolution started on October 25, 1917;


3)      Spanish Influenza Epidemic started on January of 1918;


4)      Great Earthquake in Haiyuan, Ningxia, China on December 16, 1920;


5)      Great Earthquake in Kanto, Japan on September 1, 1923;


6)      Great Depression started in 1929;


7)      World War II started for the United States on December 7, 1941.






YEAR:        NAME OF TEAMS:                                                  LEAGUE:


2018*         Boston Red Sox                                                       MLB

 PREDICTED EVENTS POST 2018 Boston Redsox WS Win:

1)      Tribulation started on September 24, 2017;

2)      Economic Collapse (perhaps end of 2019);

3)      World War III (perhaps in 2019 or 2020);

4)      Great Earthquake of San Francisco (perhaps 2020 or by April 2021);

5)      Great Tribulation starts in March of 2021;

6)      Warning from God (HAPPENED AFTER 3:00 PM PST on May 6, 2019);

7)      Miracle in the Pines of Garabandal (perhaps on April 9, 2020);

8)      Asteroid  or the Great “minor” Chastisement (perhaps on Sept. 19, 2022);

9)      Arrival of Oumuamua Mother Ship between earth and sun (perhaps in 2023);

10)    Four Hours of Darkness ONLY over Brittany, France and start of 43-Day period of earthquakes (2023 or 2024);


11)    Initial 2-Days/2-Nights of Darkness over the entire earth (2023 or 2024);


12)   After 2-Days/2-Nights of Darkness, French Civil War erupts (MAJOR SIGNAL FOR THE START OF THE GREAT CHASTISEMENT) resulting in 37-Days of massacres, destruction of Paris, fires, and half the French population perishing, et cetera (2023 or 2024); NOTE37-Days separates the 2-Days of Darkness and 3-Days of Darkness;


13)    Ball of Chastisement (Planet sized comet approaches earth causing a pole shift which results in 3-Days/2-Nights of Darkness and a deluge not seen since the time of Noah; moreover, 43-day period of earthquakes ends (Immediately on or after September 24, 2023 or 2024);

14)    Second Coming of Jesus Christ & Judgment Day (on or after September 24, 2024).




2022      NFL     Los Angeles (aka the City of Angels) Rams

2020       MLB      Los Angeles (aka the City of Angels) Dodgers

2020       NBA      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Lakers

2019       NHL      Saint Louis Blues

2018       MLB      Boston (aka Saint Botolf’s Stone) Red Sox

2014      15 Year Streak Ends After 2nd of 4 Blood Moons Appear

2014       MLS      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Galaxy

2014       MLB      San Francisco (aka Saint Francis) Giants

2014       NBA      San Antonio (aka Saint Anthony) Spurs

2014       NHL      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Kings

2013       MLB      Boston (aka Saint Botolf's Stone) Red Sox

2012       MLS      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Galaxy

2012       MLB      San Francisco (aka Saint Francis) Giants

2012       NHL      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Kings

2011       MLB      Saint Louis Cardinals

2011       NHL      Boston (aka Saint Botolf’s Stone) Bruins

2010       MLB      San Francisco (aka Saint Francis) Giants

2009       NBA      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Lakers

2009       NFL      New Orleans Saints

2008       NBA      Boston (aka Saint Botolf’s Stone) Celtics

2007       MLB      Boston (aka Saint Botolf’s Stone) Red Sox

2007       NBA      San Antonio (aka Saint Anthony) Spurs

2006       MLB      Saint Louis Cardinals

2005       MLS      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Galaxy

2004       NBA      San Antonio (aka Saint Anthony) Spurs

2004       MLB      Boston (aka Saint Botolf’s Stone) Red Sox

2003       NBA      San Antonio (aka Saint Anthony) Spurs

2003       MLS      San Jose (aka Saint Joseph) Earthquakes

2002       NBA      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Lakers

2002       MLS      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Galaxy

2002       MLB      Anaheim Angels

2001       NBA      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Lakers

2001       MLS      San Jose (aka Saint Joseph) Earthquakes

2000       NBA      Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) Lakers

1999       NBA      San Antonio (aka Saint Anthony) Spurs

1999       NFL      Saint Louis Rams


1916*      MLB      Boston Red Sox



  EVENTS POST 1916 Boston Redsox WS Win:

1)      World War I started on April 2, 1917;

2)      Russian Communist Revolution started on October 25, 1917;

3)      Spanish Influenza Epidemic started on January of 1918;

4)      Great Earthquake in Haiyuan, Ningxia, China on December 16, 1920; 

5)      Great Earthquake in Kanto, Japan on September 1, 1923;

6)      Great Depression started in 1929;

7)      World War II started in Europe on September 1, 1939;

8)      World War II started for the United States on December 7, 1941.





Judging from all of the aforesaid, then, it would seem to appear that the World Series Championships between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers franchise teams of both 1916 and 2018 was meant to serve as the ultimate INDICATOR, if you will, for apocalyptic events of immense magnitude and severity.    It must be assumed here that what disastrous events occurred after the 1916 championship will also similarly come to pass soon after the 2018 championship as well.  For in the endtimes, we must not ignore such possibilities.  These events mean something!  Perhaps the end of an era – that of mankind’s time on earth.  And the beginning of a new era – the Messianic era.  For this aforesaid statistical anomaly involving professional American sports teams named after chrisian saints and angels appears to be pointing us to the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Indeed, as prophecy and scriptures reveal, when Jesus Christ returns to earth, he will be accompanied by legions of both saints and angels to mete out justice upon all the wicked and to finally put things right on earth again.


In the Book of Saint Matthew, chapter 13, v. 49, we read the following:


At the end of the world . . .the Son of Man shall send forth his angels, . . .




And in chapter 24, v. 31 of the said book, we read the following:


He shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, . . .




Moreover, in the 1st Book of Thessalonians, chapter 3, v. 13, we read the following:


To the end He may establish in holiness before God, even our father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with his saints.


Also see:

Book of Zechariah, chapter 14, vv. 3-5




In closing, it is said that sports is nothing more than a reflection of life itself.  But life is more complicated than it seems.  Indeed, it appears that the world in which we all live is connected somehow.  What is meant by connected is that it is mathematically connected.  “…A world of mathematical relations means a world in which everything is connected, in which nothing exists separately, and in which at the same time the relations between things have a real existence apart from the things themselves, or possibly, ‘things’ do not even exist and only ‘relations’ exist.” [Damon Wilson, The Mammoth Book of Nostradamus and Other Prophets, Carroll and Graf, 1999, p. 523].  Whether God is using 13 American professional sports teams as instruments of his will to tell us that the world will end or not is arguable.  The fact that Malachi Martin’s statements regarding the said timeline of the horrific events described in the Third Secret of Fatima closely coincides in time with the 15 straight year run of world championship victories by 13 American professional sports teams named after Christian saints and angels is astonishing in and of itself.  The recurrence of the numerical value of 13 in all of the foregoing seems to suggest that there is indeed some complicated mathematical relationship here.  Nonetheless, even if one were to ignore such dire implications of the end times, which would be hard to do, such statistical information, on its face, at least tells us that something historic has happened in the last 15 straight years that is worthy of the annals of sports.  I let the readers of this work decide for themselves what the aforesaid means. 



The apocalyptic code discovered by the author of this work is entirely different from the more well-known Bible Code of mathematician Eli Rips of Israel made famous by the late journalist and author Michael Drosnin. However, having said that, the author of this work thought it would be interesting to use some of the information found herein and see what the said Bible Code of Eli Rips would reveal about it. The Bible Code uses a simple skip step or ELS (Equidistant Lettering Sequence) method of uncovering information from the Hebrew Old Testament. The author inputted certain pieces of information found within this work into the Bible Code software and produced the following Bible Code research plates.

The Ark of the Covenant and its role in the end-times (HEBREW ELS BIBLE CODE):